Sunday 4 March 2018

My Sunday Photo 2018 #9

I mentioned previously about my eldest daughter's new found enthusiasm for archery. In fact I shared a photograph a couple of weeks ago of her practicing indoors. Well todays image is another one of her practicing however this time it's outside and alongside her dad. It was really nice to see them doing something together. Having all girls I know my husband worried about having things in common with them but you can see from this photo that he had nothing to worry about.


  1. Such a wonderful thing for them to enjoy together, great moment to capture

    Thank you for linking up to #MySundayPhoto

  2. Oh wow! That looks like great fun. It's good that they can enjoy something together x

  3. What great fun, it's lovely that your husband has something he can bond with her over too. #MySundayPhoto

  4. Amazing way to bond with her Dad =)


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