Friday 6 April 2018

Chocolate, Excited Children and Peter Rabbit #LittleLoves

The Easter holidays are well underway, in fact it's almost one week down. Anyone else already thinking that this is going by way too fast? We managed to spend a long weekend all together as the hubby had the bank holidays off of work. A lot of our days were spent on catching up with family, which is not a bad thing. There's never normally enough hours in a day to spend quality time with people so it was nice not to rush around.


As much as I love a good Easter egg (has to be Cadbury though!), this is a holiday that does nothing for my waist line. I was quite proud of myself for actually managing to squeeze in half an Easter egg into one of my days macros/calorie count, shame that I can't say the same for the other six days! Now there's the kids lingering chocolate that is just constantly calling to me but with a holiday booked for August I'm determined...ish to sticking to a healthier diet.

Just to go off theme, my #LittleLoves this week have absolutely nothing to do with chocolate...


After my marathon of reading last week, I definitely slowed the pace down again. I always find it harder with the kids off of school to make time (and quiet) for reading a book. Even finding time to write this post was a little difficult. I finished one novel this week thanks to Netgalley, Liz Nugent's Skin Deep. This is a story that is hard to describe. Going by the blurb I got something completely unexpected.

A mystery and a thriller all in one, it's a slow building tale that throws a curve ball or two the readers way to keep the pages turning. It's not a book that I would want to re-read as for me there wasn't enough to make me really connect with the main character but I'm sure others would really enjoy the writing style and I will say you need to keep reading just for the ending alone because you will never see it coming!


Yesterday I took the kids to the cinema to watch Peter Rabbit. I'll admit I though it wasn't going to really be my cup of tea but it was a sweet film with plenty of laughs and my girls were more than impressed with it. I'm pretty certain that I will now be convinced to spend more than a pretty penny on a load of merchandise.

Our Friday night movie of choice was End of Watch. I've watched it before and I didn't enjoy it any less second time around, I also think I may have cried more than I did the first time. Also can't go wrong with a bit of Jake Gyllenhaal in my opinion.


I heard a lot of excited children on Wednesday when my niece and nephew came round for a delayed Easter egg hunt. There were a few arguments over who got what egg, made worse by their uncle stepping in and finding and taking some of the eggs as well. Got to love the family member who makes it their mission to wind the kids up!

We don't get to see my niece and nephew very often so it's always a big occasion when they come round to visit and my girls love nothing more than spending time with their cousins. Although it was definitely noisier than normal with the added amount of sugar they were consuming.


So for this category it's more like what I didn't wear. There were a couple of days this week when I managed to step out of the house without a coat on, Spring could really be getting ready to make more than just a guest appearance. I've never been a fan of wearing a coat so it's a sort of relief when I can go back to just a denim or leather jacket even better no if I don't need a jacket either. Next step sandals...



A couple of weeks ago we were kindly sent some fantastic stickers from Mardles Life so that we could create something special on rocks to then hide for others to find. With sharpies and rocks in hand, the girls spent a morning colouring and decorating and then we needed to take them out and hide them.

This was done on our way to the cinema yesterday so if you happen to be in Dover, Kent keep an eye out for our creations and do share them with the hashtag MardlesRocks, you can even join their Facebook group.

And lastly . . .

I just wanted to share with a new shampoo and conditioner that I've been using recently from the Organic Shop haircare range. I have been using the avocado and honey set which has worked wonders on restoring the moisture back into my hair but there are also four other types within the range which can aid in strength, volume, and appearance.


Priced at £2.50 for each any every product in the range, in my opinion they're well worth the money, doing the job better than the more expensive brands claim to do! You can find them in Tesco and over on their site where right now they also have a competition running to win a holiday for two in the Caribbean!!

Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. We went and saw Peter Rabbit it was such a great movie wasn't it? Definitely perfect one for Easter sounds like you all had a great one. Happy weekend ahead. #littleloves

  2. I really want to see Peter Rabbit, but my little one isn't keen. I love those pebbles. We must live quite near you, there's loads around all along the coast all with different facebook pages. I always mean to see if we can go find some with my little one, but completely forgot until I saw your post. Have a great week #littleloves

  3. I had similar feelings about Peter Rabbit, but maybe I need to give it a try.x

  4. I think nearly all the Little Loves folk saw Peter Rabbit over the Easter hols! I felt the same as you, I enjoyed it much more than I originally thought I would x


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