Wednesday 4 April 2018

A Couch for Llama Book Review

I don't know what it is about Llamas but both my kids and I find them highly entertaining. If you've never heard the Llama then I urge to google it now and have a listen! Anyway, I'm not just randomly talking about Llamas, the subject arose when I was asked if I'd like to review Leah Gilbert's new picture book, A Couch for Llama.

What happens when the Lago family needs a new couch? They get more than they bargained for!


When the family's perfect new couch accidentally whooshes off the top of their ca, they discover that it has landed in a field occupied by an unsuspecting llama. Llama is confused at first - this new thing doesn't talk, taste good or budge one bit. How does Llama learn to love the new couch? And how will the Lagos resolve this most unusual dilemma?

As I look upon the front cover, I am automatically entertained, so simple a Llama on a couch, how could that be?

The story begins by introducing us to Lago family and their much loved couch or as I like to call it, the sofa.

If you're like the Lago's (and my family), then the couch is quite the focal point. It's where we sit to watch TV, to snuggle under a blanket and become engrossed in a good book, where we plonk ourselves for movie night. 

The couch is where we come together as a family.

But sometimes that much loved couch has maybe seen TOO MANY good times (thank kids!) and it becomes time to say goodbye and get a new one and of course it needs to be just right, Goldilocks will tell you!


As we see the Lago's driving along in their car it becomes apparent that transporting a sofa home in it will become somewhat of a challenge.

The Lago's opt to tie the sofa to the top of the car, they weren't to know that something would go wrong, that the rope wouldn't hold and that their new waiting to be loved couch would end up in a hay field only to be discovered by a very inquisitive Llama.

And this is when the fun begins.

Llama thinks that he's gained a friend but becomes confused when it won't talk, eat or do more than just sit in the hay.


My youngest daughter laughed a lot. Between the words and the imagery, this book was humorous, as entertaining as I hoped. I won't spoil it for the next reader but lets just say I didn't expect Llama to be quite so athletic!

Then of course the question remains, will the Lago's ever get their new couch back?

A Couch for Llama is a children's picture book filled with love, laughter and of course Llamas. It's just silly enough, providing light-hearted entertainment for all the family and shows that sometimes that the unexpected, unplanned things turn out to be best.


  1. I think Ella might find this book very funny :)

  2. This sounds lovely! I'm intrigued to know what the llama gets up to with the couch/ sofa/ settee (as we call it in our house!).

  3. Ahh this sounds like a really funny book! Llamas are very entertaining! #readwithme

  4. This sounds a lovely fun read. I'm trying to remember were Nuzzle and Scratch on CBeebies llamas? Son1 used to love that programme when he was small

  5. Sounds like a really funny book! #readwithme

  6. This looks like a really funny book, llamas just don't get enough coverage in picture books! #readwithme


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