Saturday 28 April 2018

Celebrating International Tabletop Gaming Day with Dinkee Linkee for Kids

If you weren't already aware today is international tabletop gaming day. In its seventh year, it is a worldwide celebration of tabletop gaming and those who are part of the community will be able to join in with events all around the world and it gives us all an opportunity to dust off those board games and make new memories with friends and family as we play them.

My children are no stranger to board games, I buy a new one every Christmas for us all to enjoy together so our collection is forever growing. My favourite being Telestrations. In a bid to promote this day and get more gamers playing, those great guys at John Adams/Ideal sent my kids and I a new game to play, Dinkee Linkee.


Aimed at children aged eight and above, the premise of this game is a quiz, but not just any old quiz. Oh no, there needs to be at least 3 players, well three teams but we can have one player in each team right. One player/team needs to become the Quiz Master(s) i.e. the ones to read the questions out and the name of the game is to win enough cards to spell out 'DINKEE'.

In order to do that you must work out the answers to four questions on your chosen card and then find the link between them all, simple right?


Well..... yes 

BUT if you do struggle to find what links them all then there is a clue. This I found ideal for my own eight year old when she was playing against her older sisters. If I'm honest I was more inclined to play this version over the adult one because I actually knew some of the answers, I can't be the only one who can never get answer right surely?

Instead of having a buzzer, much to my girls disappointment, teams must shout DINKEE in order to have the chance to answer the questions and if you get the questions wrong that means your team is out until the next card is chosen.


Now things get interesting when players end up with too many of the same letter, at this stage in the game there are options to trade in your cards. Either a 2 letter trade which means you put 2 letters back but also take one of an opposing team's letters to put back as well (this is a sneaky move if you happen to be losing). Or you can trade in three letters to pick one from the box that you REALLY need.

If you and your family are new to world of board games, this is definitely a good place to start. It's a fast paced game that isn't complicated by a hundred and one rules. Coming in a small box it is an ideal tabletop game and one to take with you on your travels too, so ideal if you're looking for some sort of entertainment to take with you on holiday.


Do you have your board games ready to play with today? If not I'd recommend heading out and buying Dinkee Linkee for Kids in preparation for celebrating International Tabletop Gaming day next year! ANd in the mean time you can check out John Adams/Ideal games facebook page as they have some great activities planned for today.

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