Thursday 19 April 2018

Introducing the New Cuddly Toy in Town, Lumo Stars

My children have always been a sucker for a plush toy. This is shown by the fact that on an average night in bed, I can't find my kids amongst their cuddly toys. But as I know with my own obsession with shoes, you can never have enough cuddly toys, there's always room to squeeze just one more on, if only to make for a nice soft pillow. And now there's a new, unbelievably cute and cuddly collectable available, Lumo Stars.


This new collection of plush toys are inspired by Nordic nature and mythologies, each toy has deep, colourful eyes reminiscent of the Northern Lights and every one is based on a common animal living in a Nordic country. And what makes them stand out even more from your run of the mill cuddly toy is that they are actually born from a successful storybook which was created by co-owner of Tactic, Kati Helijakka.

Nordic animals live in a land, which is in turn filled by blinding light and mystical darkness. The nightless nights of the summer grow into a dusky autumn, and then a dark winter. Glimmering waters crystallize and form a crunching layer of snow, while a blanket with a thousand stars covers the sky as the year unfolds.

The northern night sky is dark like velvet.

The northern winter is snow white.

When the autumn is over, it is time for first snow.
At first, you might think that no one lives in the forest.
But can you see the tracks in the snow? Come, let’s follow it!


Now the story itself is quite magical and you'll know that I am a sucker for a good book. What I particularly like about it is that not only is it a beautifully illustrated tale, there are also things to be learnt as you read. From the changing of the seasons to the concept of building some wonderful friendships. And  then of course there is the added element that your child can then have their favourite character to hug in real life as they settle down to look over the pages.

And if that wasn't enough there is also a free Lumo Stars app where your little ones can bring their new buddy to life. This can be done by simply scanning the QR code on your Lumo Buddy's tag. This app is rather entertaining in itself as you are able to partake in many activities from feeding your friend to playing games with your corresponding Lumo Star toy. And it isn't just for younger children, my ten year old was the first one to start playing with the app.


Eyes sparkle like auroras, fur colors are from common berries, like blueberry and wild strawberries, from the different colors of the four seasons, from the trees, sky and sea. Northern Brights have their special patterns inspired by the Nordic nature. The fur material is carefully chosen and the softness makes it so huggable.


The first range of the Lumo Stars, The Northern Brights Collection are ready to be purchased now from Amazon with more ranges to follow. With prices ranging from £3.99 up to £12.99 these plush toys are available in 3 different sizes: Mini: 8.5cm (this is a key ring), Classic: 15cm and Big: 24cm, there are actually a massive 36 different toys available so there is definitely a Lumo Star to suit any child (or adult). 

Along with the storybook which costs £15 for a hardback copy, the Lumo Stars are definitely worth the money you pay for them. Not only are they adorable, they're unbelievably soft, making a perfect gift, I may or may not have claimed one of them for myself.... 


My youngest decided that the one called Peach would be the one for her and she's been taking her everywhere with her, she's even been on a trip to Specsavers. They are that popular that I had to stop all my girls from arguing over them. They were even arguing over who would be buying which one next. I have a feeling we won't be stopping until we have collected them all.

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