Friday 20 April 2018

Sunshine, Water Fights and Sandals #LittleLoves

I hope everyone has enjoyed as much sunshine as we have this week. Although maybe not quite as much seen as I ended up a tad burnt on a couple of days. Needless to say I have now stocked up on suncream for this year. There is just something about having the sun out that is an instant mood booster isn't there. I've found myself smiling a lot more and the stress that I've felt in recent weeks has decreased significantly too.

It's just typical that the sun graced is with its presence just as the kids went back to school after the Easter holidays. That would be sods law wouldn't it. Although my girls didn't seem to mind this because it meant that they could switch from their winter uniform to their summer one, well my youngest did anyway. My ten year old is apparently far too cool to wear summer dresses now and opted for changing her blouse for a polo top.

Of course with all this talk of warmer weather it seems inevitable that a lot of my #littleloves this week will have a a more summery vibe ....


With the kids back at school I've actually had more opportunity to read some books of my own rather than just listening to the kids read their library books. The first book I read is actually a review you'll have to look out for on my blog in upcoming weeks. The Wrong Man is what I'd describe as a crime come romance novel that was somewhat unique and actually for being part of the crime genre, it actually stands up as a god holiday read.


The other book that I've start reading is one that I heard a lot about last year. So many good reviews that I bought it for my mum at Christmas. Of course half the reason I done this is because I knew my lovely mother would end up lending it to me once she had finished with it. I'm about a quarter of the way through and really enjoying it so far. It has an air of mystery to it and a good sprinkling of humour too.


I've been continuing to make my way through all the series of The Great British Bake Off on Netflix. I have got up to series five, this is the first series that I actually watched of the bake off but funnily enough I can't remember who the winner was. What I love about watching this, is the fact that it has got me wanting to bake again, the only downside of that is trying to remain on the healthy eating wagon and letting the children eat all my cake.


My husband has always had a good ear when it comes to music, more specifically dance music. He's always had this talent of finding great tunes and predicting what will be the 'song of the summer'. Last week he found a fab song and he reckons this will be the one everyone will be playing through their speakers during the warmer months. Panic Room by Au/Ra definitely has me wanting to turn up the music in preparation to get up and dance!


Finally, I have been able to put away the winter clothes. The layers and giant coats have vanished and have been replace by denim jackets, skirts and sandals. Although now the trick is trying to judge just how warm a day will become first thing in the morning. I made the mistake at the beginning of the week of going for a shorter skirt and ended up regretting it because the sun was beat down by the strong winds taking over.

And of course the opposite happened the day after when the sun was hot hot hot and yep you guessed it, I had trousers on! And then there's the problem of new sandals. Every year, without fail, I buy myself new sandals and along with this, every year I end up with totally ruined feet as said sandals result in cuts and blisters. One word, ouch!


Well we haven't specifically made anything, what we have done is made the most of this weather because lets be honest you can never rely on it sticking around. I've taken the kids to the park after school and the girls have been spending a lot of their free time in the garden. They've already had their first water fight of the year. And I'll be honest bed times have been a bit slack this week too because I have been reluctant to call them back indoors.


These lighter evenings have been really nice. We've managed to eat dinner al fresco every day and let me tell you, I haven't minded sitting on my patio enjoying my gin and tonic ice lollies from Aldi. I'm also hoping this is the start of my electricity bill being bought back down after a long, long winter.

And lastly . . . 

We have no real plans for the weekend except the youngest who has a birthday party to attend on Saturday afternoon. Here's hoping that the sun lasts for the weekend so that everyone gets a chance to truly enjoy its effects because if anything I plan to spend majority of my time outside, hoping for a little trip to the beach.

Happy weekend everyone.


  1. Sounds like you've been loving the sunshine as much as I have. It really did make everything seem that much better and I was smiling all week. I might have to watch all the GBBO episodes too as I was looking for something else to binge watch on Netflix. Have a great week! #littleloves

  2. I miss the sunshine! Like you I put away all the winter clothes.. only to get them out again this week! xx


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