Friday 4 May 2018

Five Shows to Make You Laugh on Netflix Right Now

I'm a person that doesn't sleep a lot, not through choice, just because I really struggle to shut my brain down in order to drift off. And it's because of this that I find myself watching a lot of TV, specifically on Netflix and just recently I've been binge watching quite a few comedy shows so I thought I'd share with you the five series that I think you should be watching right now.



An oldie but a goodie, it's one of those shows that no matter how many times you watch it, you still find yourself laughing a lot! I've recently made my way through all ten seasons and in the process my children have also become big fans. With so many classic one liners and unforgettable characters, this is a programme that will always put a smile on your face.

The Good Place


With two seasons on Netflix and a third one on the way, this was a little unexpected gem. When I started watching I wasn't sure if I would really enjoy it but the fact that I watched both seasons in under a two weeks speaks volumes doesn't it. Short episodes and an easy to follow story line make it an ideal show to watch if you don't have loads of down time.

Nailed It!

If you are a fan of shows like The Great British Bake Off then you will absolutely love Nailed It! It's baking gone wrong but it in the funniest way imaginable. The contestants along with the host and guest judges make for some real laugh out loud moments and if I'm honest make me feel better about my own baking efforts.

F is For Family


Loosely based on Bill Burr's childhood, if animated programmes are more your thing then this is the one for you. A Netflix Original, it isn't widely spoke about but when my husband found it were most disappointed when their weren't more episodes to watch, this is how a lot of parents at least think if not act in real life. 

The End of the F*cking World


This show follows James, the self-described psychopath, and Alyssa, a sort of modern day rebel without a cause. She convinces him to run away with her, and the two embark on a road trip across England, getting into bizarre shenanigans but whilst doing so James is plotting to kill her. I'd describe this one as dark yet funny. No mention of a second season but still worth a watch.

There we have it, five comedy shows to have your belly jiggling and your eyes crying from all the quite frankly genius jokes. Let me know in the comments below if you have anymore suggestions for programmes to get you laughing.

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