Friday 18 May 2018

Celebrating #NationalSandwichWeek with Num Noms

Sandwiches, I love them. They are sort of my guilty pleasure, if I'm honest I spend quite a lot of time creating them and making them look just as nice as they taste. A few of my favourites are chicken, bacon and avocado and the best cheese toastie with strong cheese, avocado, bacon and my secret ingredient, brussels, that's right brussel sprouts! Now you may be thinking why am I chatting away about sandwiches and I'll tell you it's because it's National Sandwich Week!

For #NationalSandwichWeek (get spreading the hashtag), I've joined up Num Noms to bring you a pretty scrummy sandwich creation, courtesy of my children.


They were challenged to come up with a sandwich, but not just any sandwich, a Num Nom inspired sarnie! The question was which Num Nom to model their sandwich after? We were kindly sent an assortment of Num Noms to help us decide and in the end the girls came up with a fantastic idea, even I was impressed.

Lets see if you can guess what Num Nom they chose based on the ingredients list ...

Ice Cream


The Num Nom they picked was Terry Berrywich. Now you may be thinking where's the bread and all the savoury fillings but who's to say that sandwiches can't be sweet? Now I know this sandwich wouldn't travel well in a lunch box but if you want to make it lunch box safe, you could always switch out the ice cream and change it for a clotted cream instead. I personally would love eating this for dessert.



What I love about their creation is that it is super easy and quick to make, no waiting around to eat this sweet treat. Simply spread the waffle with jam and ice cream, place the other waffle on and top with another dollop of ice cream. Not forgetting the edible googly eyes! But if you have a bit of time on your hands you could of course warm the waffles up first.


All that's left to do is eat! And lets be honest, a sandwich like this won't last long at all. I do believe we should have made more.


Now tell me, what are your favourite sandwich fillings?

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