Wednesday 16 May 2018

Mighty Muggs Collectibles Review

My girls love a collectible, I can confirm this with all of the small figures that I find around the house each time I'm attempting to clean our home (you know the one tidy one minute, like a bombs hit it the next). There's a new set of collectibles hitting toy shops, Mighty Muggs. And the assortment of figures available will appeal to everyone, boys or girls, child or adult.


What are Mighty Muggs?

This collection of figures are collectible figures, currently available in both Marvel and Star Wars ranges. They each feature a head that has a spinning mechanism and each turn of their head reveals a new facial expression, there are three to be found on each character.

Each figure comes in what I'd describe as a plastic display case, this I think is great because collectors can keep them in pristine condition and for those that want to get them out it means when not being played with, they can be kept safe and secure. My children are prone to losing toys so this is a handy bonus.

How do Mighty Muggs work? 

Each figure uses a push-and-turn mechanism so that when you continue pressing their head down (this is essentially a big button), they’ll send the figures’ heads spinning, quite literally! 




This mechanism is simple and easy to do making which is what makes these toys great for younger children too. With the three different expressions it means kids can use their imaginations during game play to decide what sort of mood the characters are in. Are they ready for battle or relaxing after a hard day fighting? 

Should you purchase Mighty Muggs?

Classic characters including Darth Vader, Yoda, Captain America and Hulk available to buy, they'll have collectors doing a triple take, pun intended! Whether you prefer the hero or the villain, or you just want to collect them all, there is a Mighty Mugg for you.


With a RRP of £9.99, they aren't the cheapest collectible on the market but cheap than some and they do have the added extra with their "mood spin". Would I recommend them? Yes I really would. My youngest is already requesting more Star Wars characters for her birthday.

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