Wednesday 20 June 2018

I Never Lie by Jody Sabral Join the Book Tour

In recent months I've really got into the genres of crime, thrillers and mysteries and the latest novel from Jody Sabral seems to have all those elements wrapped up in it and that's why I was so eager to join her book tour to tell you more about the story.

Alex South is a high-functioning alcoholic who is teetering on the brink of oblivion. Her career as a television journalist is hanging by a thread since a drunken on-air rant. When a series of murders occur within a couple of miles of her East London home she is given another chance to prove her skill and report the unfolding events. She thinks she can control the drinking, but soon she finds gaping holes in her memory, and wakes to find she’s done things she can’t recall. As the story she’s covering starts to creep into her own life, is Alex a danger only to herself – or to others?

Is she the next victim? Or is she the culprit…?


Let me start by saying this is definitely a tale with plenty of twists.

Told from what appears to be two points of view we follow the life of functioning alcoholic, Alex South, a freelance journalist. But that isn't actually where the story leads off from.

The prologue is seen to describe a murder in a London park, a third woman to be precise so could a serial killer be on the loose? Alex happens to live in the same area of this latest attack so is quick to jump on the case. This isn't her only reasoning for doing so, no she's trying to redeem her reputation after a drunken appearance at work previously. 

As the novel progresses we learn more about Alex's past and just how she ended up moving from Manchester to London. Could she have something to do with the so called serial killer?

What I liked about this book was that is was slower paced, gave the story a chance to really build and the switch between Alex talking and diary entries from an unknown person who seems to know Alex, or so she thinks, makes for a more interesting read as it adds in details that might of otherwise remained unknown and also made for better plot twists throughout.

"Next thing I know, he's untying my wrists. I feel like I've crossed a line too, but I'm not really sure what line it is or what it means."

Something refreshing about the way that Jody has written this is that the main protagonist isn't instantly likeable, I had more concern for some of her friends and neighbours.

With each page turned there seemed to be another twist to the plot so just when I thought I had it all figured out and worked through the "who done it", a curve ball was thrown and I was left second guessing my decisions about who had actually done what. This meant that a book that was relatively slow paced remained an absolute page turner.

I did not see the ending coming, ok I'd guessed parts but the writing style used for the epilogue was very clever indeed and in my opinion it's been left open so another book could be written.

Now I can't give any really comments on the alcoholism side as I've never had any dealings with it in my life but I'd say the author tried to be quite true to anyone suffering from that disease. 

By the end I thought that I Never Lie was a novel that would definitely keep any reader guessing and that it would also leave said reader with mixed emotions not only on who to trust but also with who to sympathise with and who to really despise. A well paced and cleverly thought out book that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

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  1. This sounds just my cup of tea! I will have to look out for it, thanks.

  2. it sounds like one I'd enjoy so I'm adding it to my list!

  3. This is a great review Chantelle. I am really intrigued to read this book now, you've added just enough clues to whet my appetite without giving anything away :)


  4. This definitely sounds like one I would enjoy thanks

  5. I haven't read many thrillers lately and I read The Girlfriend recently and found it really disappointing. Maybe I should try this one next!

  6. This sounds like a really great novel, plenty to get your teeth into!


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