Wednesday 4 July 2018

Help Find Frank Book Review

When I was little I was always a huge fan of Where's Wally books, they appealed to me because of the interactive side and it gave me a focus. Definitely the sort of book to keep a child quiet. I was recently sent the book Help Find Frank to review and one of the reasons I chose to review it was because there was that element of seek and find within it, not just your usual story.


Frank the French bulldog loves to run, play and give slobbery kisses. (He also loves to eat cheese, but whatever you do, DON'T feed him any!) Then Frank gets lost-and it's up to you to find him. Is he at the park? The baseball field? 

Important pieces of evidence, maps and detailed seek-and-finds will help you trace Frank's steps to locate the little guy himself.

Frank is one adorable French bulldog, but looks can be deceiving can't they because as cute as Frank appears to be, he has that element of mischief about him. The story actually begins with a 'lost dog' poster, a reward shall be given if found, could we be the ones to find him?

BEWARE his slobbery kisses!

My girls automatically started laughing when his stinky toots were mentioned, I guess you can't go wrong with a touch of toiler humour.

Throughout the pages there are lots of things marked out for you i.e. exhibit A, B, C etc. Could these be clues to help you on your search later on?

After being given more details on missing Frank, the hunt begins.


Along the way we are given various bits of information via interviews with friends and family, maps with coordinates to pin-point where he might have travelled to and then there are those helpful hints along the way too.

This really is a well thought out, interactive book. Each turn of the page gives your child something else to discover, the excitement keeps on building and gets kids really thinking, could they have missed something? Should they go back and search the pages again?

Do you see any sign of Frank? What else can you find?


Ann Bollman's first children's book is an absolute must have.

Fun and engaging illustrations and puzzles make for an amazingly entertaining read, these are the kind of books that get kids reading without a fuss.

What I also like is that Help Find Frank can be extended afterwards. What about drawing your own maps, making up a new place for Frank to hide. The possibilities for continuation are there to be discovered.

The question is can you track the adorable Frank down?


  1. This sounds like quite a unique book. It sounds like it might be for KS1 children rather than preschool?

  2. Ella would have loved this book. Her favourite books were always ones where you had more to do than just read the story and look at the pictures.

  3. I love books where you have to spot details in the illustrations. This looks and sounds really fun- I love Frank's snazzy bowtie!


  4. This sounds like a really fun book,one to go back to and spot new things :) My dog loving Mini Reviewers would definitely enjoy it! #readwithme

  5. What a great book. I still try and find Wally on the poster on the ceiling at the dentist #readwithme

  6. This looks great! I love the mixture of seek and find with a story too!


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