Friday 6 July 2018

School Tours, Trips Out and More Sunshine

That's it, we've navigated our way through the first week of July and boy has it been a busy one. It doesn't feel like I've had a chance to properly relax after a pretty on the go weekend last week. I think this time of year always seem to be quite jam-packed though, especially with varying school events, trips etc.

After the christening we attended last Sunday we ended up having two out of three of our god children come back to ours for a good old splash around in the paddling pool. It was so nice to just see them so care free and able to enjoy themselves without any need for some sort of technology to be in their hands.


The last book I read was Paige Toon's Five Years From Now. I as lucky enough to win not one but three copies of this book a couple of months ago but I only just found the time to settle down and read it. Each copy varies slightly with bonus scenes etc but the story stays the same and boy is it an emotional one.


I'm glad I was reading it when the kids were at school because there were times when I was found with tears running down my face. That said I would highly recommend others read it, I find crying is a sure sign that a book is a good one as it's managed to get me emotionally invested in it!


I've never been so excited for a series to return until this week when I found out that the second season of This Is Us finally aired on channel 4. I've been desperate to watch it, waiting impatiently since season one came to a close.

This is such a clever programme and if you haven't watched it yet then I'm telling you that you MUST. Cleverly put together going from past to present, you really feel for all of the characters and I'm always left anticipating the next episode.


Two days this week we have spent going to open evenings at secondary schools trying to make the decision on where my ten year old would like to go when she finishes primary. So we've heard a lot of talks, many demonstrations from teachers and students and it's left my daughter excited at the prospect of going to secondary school.

Add to that the girls transition day this week where they've got to have a day with what will be their new teachers in September and I also had the chance to talk their teachers too. I already knew my ten year old's next teacher who I adore but my eight and five years olds have brand new teachers, so it was a chance for all of us to see just what they might be like, their teaching methods etc and over all I'm pleased although apprehensive as I'm yet to see it all put into practice.


Sun cream.

It's been a must for a couple of weeks now. I burn easily, unlike my children who all tan like their father. I was out on a school trip to Wingham with my youngest on Tuesday and I'll admit I forgot to top up the sun cream like I should have and I turned a nice shade of red again.

The trouble is with warm weather you don't want to cover up as you end up sweating like mad!


Making the most of the good weather, I have been trying to make the effort and tidy up our garden. Really we need a lottery win to invest some money to actually make it a worthwhile space. Ideally we need a nice artificial lawn, a new shed (ours looks very sad) and a good lick of paint for the tired fencing. 

But in the mean time I got out the weed killer, moved a bit of furniture round and had a general tidy up. Not brilliant but better than it was.

This weekend we've got a day out in London planned with my mum and then she's having the youngest two over for a sleepover which means she's also offered to cook us dinner on Sunday. That means two whole days of not cooking which I am beyond excited about! Although the day out should be good too.

Hope everyone has had a good start to July.


  1. I bet all those kids were chaos ha ha! That book loos great I will have to give it a go.This time of year is crazy with all the open evens and transitions isnt it? But also so exciting. I burn easily too, but am loving the heat but do have to keep sitting in the shade xxx

  2. The weather has been so amazing hasn't it? Really makes me tidy up all my house inside and out lately feels good doesn't it? I need a new good book will have to check it out. Happy weekend ahead.

  3. Sounds like you’ve got a busy weekend ahead of you although I’m all up for the not cooking. Can totally relate to the sun cream we are the same here. Hope all the school seasons went well and that you find the right secondary school x

  4. I look a good book recommendation, this sounds great. I always find the summer term a busy one at school, there is always so much going on. I hope you had a lovely weekend x

    1. I agree that this time of year is so busy with lots of end of term and transition days happening. Best of luck with the high school decision. Artificial lawn would be amazing, but it's so expensive to do a whole garden isn't it x


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