Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Adventure Activity Book Review

My children are no stranger to activity books and are quite partial to a sticker or too, even as an adult I'll admit that I still love receiving stickers too. I was recently gifted with two fantastic adventure activity books, each with their own theme, Pirates and Dinosaurs. 


Both books have a RRP of £6.99 and are jam packed with over one hundred different activities and games ready and waiting to entice your little ones as well as a full four pages of stickers which I guarantee they'll be looking for as soon as the open up their book. 

I've found these books to be really useful resources and a great help during the rainy days of the summer holidays just gone because the added bonus is that children continue to learn without even realising because lets be honest, education should indeed be fun.


Each page is a new adventure. Bright images and amusing puzzles really help to engage your child and with such a range of things to do like spot the difference, colouring in and even crafty projects of things to make, there is something for everyone to really enjoy.

And you don't need to be a real fan of pirates or dinosaurs to feel the benefit of them. What they manage to do is actually broaden their imaginations as well as delivering help for a wide range of skills including observational, conversational and those all important motor skills.


These activity books are recommended for children between the ages of four and eight which I think is a good judgement as both my six and eight year olds were totally immersed with them, of course taking the time to argue over who got what sticker.

With games galore watch your child count, colour, draw and so much more as they delve into the worlds of pirates and dinosaurs. There is guaranteed hours upon hours of enjoyment to be had from these adventure activity books!

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