Wednesday 12 September 2018

Casdon Dyson Cord-Free Vacuum Toy Review

Recently I was lucky enough to review a fantastic play-set from Casdon, this got my youngest quite excited about one thing in particular, vacuuming. This was because there was a little hand held vacuum as part of the set. So you can imagine her delight when she got home from school the other day and saw a new toy ready and waiting for her, the Casdon replica of the Dyson Cord-Free Vacuum.


I'll be honest right now, I'm rather jealous, this is an exact replica of the DC59 model and I'd like nothing more than to have the real version and for now she has the next best thing.

The vacuum comes complete with the instruction manual to get you started, the Dyson itself and changeable attachments which include a short nozzle and a long handle and an accessible dust compartment. 


Super easy to put together, it's just a matter of clicking the attachment into place and when you're ready to change it simply push the red button and pull at the same time.

A real feature for this toy is it's working suction, realistic sounds and simulated cyclone action which is done using colourful tiny balls which when the trigger is pressed begin to spin around in the clear cylinder. Something else that makes it work so well is the fact that with the longer handle attached, the head will twist and turn so it's convenient to use even round corners!


My daughter was rather eager to begin cleaning and has already spent hours vacuuming the house. The changeable attachments allow the vacuum to transform from a handheld unit to a floor vacuum and with a touch of a button dust particles and small pieces of paper can be suctioned up. The suction isn't overly powerful so of course it won't pick up an awful lot but for a toy I think it's good enough. Emptying the Dyson is quick too, hold over a bin and press the red button on the top of the unit, not forgetting to close the bottom back up once emptied.

This is a great toy for many reasons. A big plus is that it encourages responsibility and independence, allowing children to become little helpers and all the while developing their hand-eye coordination as well.


It's perfect for a wide age range too as the mechanisms are all designed in a way that even the littlest of hands can make light work of them. Most parts only needing one hand to get them working. 

Then of course we know the benefits of anything being cordless, it's ideal for transporting anywhere and that means your little ones can literally vacuum alongside you wherever you are in your house, your little helper can stay right by your side.


I guess the only downside to the Dyson Cord-Free Vacuum is that it doesn't come with batteries included, you'll need to purchase 3 x AA batteries before you can set your child to work.

With a RRP of £34.99, this is a toy that will appeal to a lot of children with a recommendation that they are of the age of three years and above but honestly I think even younger toddlers would quite happily play with this vacuum too.


And of course I am keeping my fingers crossed that my daughter will be just as eager to keep on vacuuming when she's older because she already seems to have the skills to do a better job than her older sister appear to do now!

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