Thursday 13 September 2018

Monopoly is Back Mario Kart Style

I used to love playing Monopoly when I was younger. Well if I'm being completely honest, I used to enjoy playing when was winning, I guess what people would tell you is that I used to be a bit of a sore loser but hey who doesn't like to win? My favourite character used to be the dog and what I do also recall is that this was the type of game that would go on for quite some time and if you wanted to come out victorious it was all about buying the most expensive properties.

Fast forward in time and Monopoly is still going strong with and there have been over 1300 different versions released at various times over the years and now they are back again with Monopoly Gamer Mario Kart. Now the race really is on, the question is who will reach the highest score first?


Time to choose your character, power up and complete races with Monopoly Gamer!

Included in the box:

4 Character Tokens
4 Character Cards
4 Reminder Cards
8 Grand Prix Cards
16 Title Deed Cards
5 Banana Tokens
1 Numbered Die
1 Power Up Die
90 Coins
Game Guide

So what's different about Monopoly Gamer Mario Kart?

Well unlike usual, this Mario Kart version isn't all about the money. Now you can win by earning the most points of which can be earned by collecting coins, buying property and of course winning some all important races. 

But first you must choose your character! Mario, Princess Peach, Luigi or Toad?


I love straight away how the coins have replaced the banknotes, I find myself making that noise, you know the one as you collect the coins. As the game progresses players won't only pick up coins, oh no, they'll also drop them as they move around the board too, but it isn't just coins, it is banana tokens too. These will make the player that lands on them have to stop where they are, or like I did, pretend to slip and slide around.

Monopoly really have taken the classic game that is Mario Kart into real consideration. With the Power Up Die and the Super Star board place, your character can take on boosted abilities just as they would when speeding round the track and properties come in the form of different race tracks.

Race for the highest score!

The game can be played with 2-4 players and is suitable for children aged 8 and above. This I agree with as this gamer version is a little more complicated than the normal version due to the added die and Grand Prix races.

However a big plus in my eyes is that due to these added factors the game actually comes to a conclusion much quicker than it normally would making it more suitable for younger players as they won't suddenly become bored half way through. The game ends when the final race is over and that signals the time to tally up all the points that have been collected.


And actually the fun doesn't stop there.

As well as the characters that come with the game, there are more characters sold separately, each with their own unique abilities. What you are looking for is Monopoly Gamer Mario Kart Power Packs. The other characters which you can purchase are: Bowser, Shy Guy, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Rosalina and my favourite, Metal Mario.

Whether you are a fan of Monopoly, Mario Kart or both, I have a strong feeling that you will love this game. Dare I mention the C word, I'm thinking a fantastic Christmas gift in the making.

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