Wednesday 31 October 2018

24 Hours in Nowhere Book Review

Young Adult is a genre that has become more and more popular over recent years and we are lucky that there are plenty of authors who are writing some fantastic books to add to this growing genre. One such book that my daughter was lucky enough to get an advanced reading copy of is 24 Hours in Nowhere by author Dusti Bowling. Author of the book Insignificant Events in the Life of a Cactus, she's back with a fresh voice to be heard.


Welcome to Nowhere, Arizona, the least liveable town in the United States. Fo Gus, a bright 13 year old with dreams of getting out and going to college, life there is made even worse by Bo Taylor, Nowhere's biggest, baddest bully. When Bo tries to force Gus to eat a dangerously spiny cactus, Rossi Scott, one of the best racers in Nowhere, comes to his rescue - but in return she has to give Bo her prized dirt bike.

Determined to buy it back, Gus agrees to go searching for gold in Dead Frenchman Mine, joined by an old friend, one of Bo's cronies and Rossi herself. As they race to find the treasure before the most important biking competition Nowhere has ever had, they bond over shared stories of how hard life in Nowhere is - and they realize this adventure just may be their way out.

Now I'll live you in the capable hands of my eldest daughter with her thoughts on this rather funny yet poignant novel:

24 Hours in Nowhere is an inspiring view of life in a town called Nowhere in Arizona, United States. It follows the path of Gus and his quest to reclaim his friend Rossi's dirt bike in time for what is being advertised as a HUGE race.

One of the things I love about this books is that some people might take for granted is a look into in what seems to be isolation. Of course this isn't in the literal sense but the protagonist lives in a place with less benefits than most of us have.

Gus perseveres through this feeling and it makes us as the reader take into account what amazing lives we live and what it would be like if it were to all disappear.

Another thing that I adore about 24 Hours in Nowhere is the character of Gus himself. He is a loyal, determined boy that doesn't give up on his friends, and this is a message that a lot of people could take on board, children and adults alike.

I could guess that anyone who reads thus would be grateful for a friend like him.

I've got the privilege to say that I have friends that would take a cactus for me (if I didn't save them first). I just think this is a true example of a book character that everyone automatically wishes was their best friend.

The final thing I want to point out about this books is the way it ties up all of the loose ends. The story of the gold thief gives a nice addition to an already interesting tale and I like how it relates to the present so nicely. Plus it even gets it's own plot twist which is a detail which really roped me in as it gave the story more depth and even more to think about as you turn the pages.

As my finishing verdict, this is a touching book that I have really enjoyed sinking my teeth into.

This book is perfect for those who love adventure and mystery. I can see this story becoming one of my all time favourites and I hope others who read it will feel the same.

I think you can get the sense that my daughter really enjoyed the book.

Something that she didn't mention was the fact that each chapter was a new hour. Starting at 5pm on Saturday and ending at 4pm the next day, there was a continual count down which made you feel like there really was a race against time.

With short, punchy chapters, very witty dialogue and a cast of supporting characters that you can't help but love, you somehow feel immersed in the desert and all of this combined makes for an epic read.

24 Hours in Nowhere is a story that will have you laughing out loud, it's a feel good book with a lovely heart felt meaning mixed in too.


  1. This sounds really good. I'm trying to get my daughter to be a bit braver with her book choices and I think she might like this one!

  2. I think Ella would enjoy this. She's struggling to find a book she likes at the moment and isn't enjoying reading as much as she used to.

  3. I like the sound of an hour by hour countdown to increase the tension in the story - great review :o)


  4. It sounds good. I wonder if I could interest son1 in it


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