Tuesday 30 October 2018

Animalphabet by Julia Donaldson Book Review

Julia Donaldson is an author many of us have come to know and love. I've read many of her books to my children and have enjoyed many moments of exploration as the stories have got their imaginations expanding. And now she's back with something altogether extraordinary and quite frankly simply beautiful... Animalphabet.


An exquisite exploration of the animal world with peep-through pages and amazing fold-out flaps. The perfect gift for animal lovers by the bestselling Julia Donaldson, author of The Gruffalo, and visionary illustrator Sharon King-Chai.

This book isn't a story as such, more like an interactive book of discovery. With stunning imagery that displays a wide range of exotic animals with each turn of the page. Children are given the opportunity to learn the letters of the alphabet whilst also guessing which animal might be featured as they gaze through cleverly placed holes within the pages.

I think you'd find it hard to not be engaged with this book.

Each illustrations appears as impressive artwork. Vibrant and cleverly designed. Every page offers something new to focus on. This is a book that you won't get bored with because each time you pick it up you will suddenly notice something that you missed before. 


A certain colour, a pattern weaved within the image.

The fun is amplified by special flaps to open, to pull down. Hidden animals making the excitement build and build as more interaction ensues.

Who is prettier than an ant? Who is more wobbly than an iguana?

It isn't all about the illustrations either, the words invite you in too. Perhaps you manage to think of a new question to ask.


Children can compare animals as new questions are posed. And with each question presented there are so many more possible questions that can lead on from those. Animalphabet essentially opens up a whole new world to those who are lucky enough to read it.

Just check out the Youtube video below:

Aimed at children aged between 3 and 6, Animalphabet is a special book, one to treasure. It is a Julia Donaldson book like no other, a little bit of magic mixed in with a lot of animals.

Cleverly written with simple text and intricate yet bold drawings. I'd say that although primarily for younger children, both kids and adults will find some sort of enjoyment from this.


  1. Ahh I love the look of this. My son is 6 but I think I'll put it on his Christmas list as I think he'd love it. We love Julia Donaldson books xx

  2. I love all the Julia Donaldson books, they have been read so much in our house over the years but I haven't come across this one yet so will have a look.

  3. We're all fans of Julia Donaldson. KayCee and Ella are too old for them now but they won't get rid of them!

  4. Looks lovely. We gave most of ours away but have kept a couple. And 5 years ago, the boys were mesmerised when we saw Julia Donaldson at the Edinburgh book festival

  5. This sounds absolutely lovely and one that my little nephews would like. We've kept all of our Julia Donaldson books because we love them so much.


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