Friday 19 October 2018

A Summery Feeling Autumn #weeklyroundup

It's been a strange start to October hasn't it. Well I say start but we're over half way through now. Although the mornings have been somewhat darker, the days have been feeling less like autumn, more of a summery vibe with lots of beautiful sunshine and warm temperatures. I'll admit it's been quite odd not having to put on my winter coat yet although I haven't gone so far as to dig out the flip flops again.

Funny thing is that now it's the beginning of half term, I think we can sort of predict that the weather will suddenly take a turn for the colder and wetter!

But enough of my typically British weather talk, on to this weeks weekly round up:


It was a few months back that I begin reading Philip Pullman's trilogy, His Dark Materials. However I got side tracked. Not only with other books that suddenly caught my interest but also with review books which took priority.


But now I've begun to delve back in again.

I'm half-way through the second novel and let me tell you, it is just as captivating as the first. His newer novel, The Book of Dust will be going on my Christmas wish-list this year!


I've binge watched my way through two very different programmes this week.

The first being Friday Night Dinner. Oh dear god how I wish I'd found this series sooner, it is oh so funny. I mean literally a laugh a minute. Featuring the actor Simon Bird, it's superbly written, sarcastic, witty and with each episode being roughly 20 minutes long, you can always find time to watch.

I actually started watching it on Netflix but you can find the entire box-set on All4.

The second programme I've been watching is a stark contrast, The Haunting of Hill House which just got released on Netflix is so frightfully clever. So many jump scares and a storyline that will literally have you pressing play on the next episode without a second thought.

It's been said in the news that a lot of people were passing out when watching because they were so scared. I wouldn't go that far but it's definitely one to watch!


My favourite song this week comes from Freya Ridings with her song Lost Without you. Simply beautiful.


With the weather like it's been I've started my days in jumpers and leggings and ended them in dresses minus the jacket. I bought a new dress this week from Everything5pounds, I'd never bought anything from them before but I'd highly recommend. I even found a voucher code which got me £5 off certain items so I managed to get a pair of leopard print shoes for nothing as well.




Ok technically this was last Sunday but close enough right. I made a rather delicious apple crumble with some of the apples from my mum's apple tree, that with a big dollop of cream, perfect for this time of year.

And in other news I've been making a slow recovery with my back. I haven't been able to stop taking the painkillers yet because every time I think it's getting better I go an over-do things and ending up going a couple of steps back. I'm too independent and when people say slow down and relax I react like a child would and do the opposite of what I'm told.

I think I'll be using our time off to actually take the advice given on board.

And lastly . . .

The oldest two have friends sleeping round tonight so the husband wants to escape to the pub, can't blame him if I'm honest.

Then I have a baptism to attend on Sunday, I'll be going with my 8 year old. I'm looking forward to the event but what I'm actually looking forward to more is a bit of one on one time with my daughter. Doesn't happen often enough for my liking.

And then we have half term to look forward to and the husband actually has a week off of work for a change so family time to enjoy.

How's everyone else's October been so far? Any good plans for the half term holidays?

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