Thursday 18 October 2018

Babysecrets Merbabies Toy Review

Earlier in the year my children had the pleasure of reviewing another new collectable to hit toy shelves, Babysecrets. These little cuties each came with their very own bath and when run under water would be revealed to be either a boy or a girl.

And now they are back but not as we know them.

Introducing Merbabies.


The babies have turned into mermaids and instead of coming in their signature baths, you can now reveal surprise Merbabies and accessories when you open their clams.

Open each clamshell to reveal a different Merbabies figure as well as a pearl and three different  charm accessories. 


You can then dip the tail fin in water and wait and watch as it changes to either blue or pink to reveal if you have produced a boy or a girl. 

Then it's time to decide on a name and fill in their birth certificates which are also in the shape of a clam. Your child can write down their Merbaby's name, gender, date of birth and who their carer will be.


And the fun doesn't stop there, they hold another clever trick up their sleeves or should I say on their tails.

Slowly wind up the tail and let it go in water to watch your Merbaby swim. This had made bath time so much more entertaining!

There are 24 Merbabies to collect, this includes 12 assorted characters which may well be a boy or a girl and this also includes some elusive rare and special edition figures. I can't be the only one who would really like the limited edition golden one!!


A great addition to the Babysecrets collection, a really good way to extend game play further. Argos currently sell these in a 3 pack, one for the Christmas list maybe?

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