Friday 5 October 2018

Hatchimals Family is EGGspanding with HatchiBabies Reviews

Are you getting EGGcited? The Hatchimals family is EGGspanding and there are some new additions to come from the Hatchery Nursery over in Hatchtopia.



Hatchifans can prepare to be EGGspecting as there are two new species to be discovered - Ponettes and Cheetrees but the question is will it be a boy or a girl?


To find out what adorable addition will be joining your family you must hatch them out of the Hatchibaby's egg. Hug, tap, snuggle and pat to prepare them for their arrival.

Watch as the egg cleverly rocks by itself and listen out for some unbelievably cute noises, the more you play the more their EGGcitement builds.

Can you see rainbow eyes peering through the shell?


This means your Hatchibaby is ready to make an appearance. Don't forget to continue to rub the egg, your Hatchibaby still needs encouragement! Then as you peel back the shell a secret message inside will reveal whether you've hatched a boy or a girl.

I was pleased to discover that the hatching process was a lot easier than with the original Hatchimals. Instead of the Hatchibaby pecking around the sides they gradually make their way out of the top of the egg.


And with the addition of egg moving, my children certainly couldn't contain their excitement about being introduced to their newest family member.

It's a GIRL!

And the fun doesn't end once you've hatched your Hatchibaby. . .


More surprises await. Four accessories are hidden. Peel and reveal to find a rattle, a hairbrush, a bottle and a cuddly buddy. And if that wasn't enough, the egg turns into a highchair too.

However to keep the surprises coming, different species might just come with different accessories.

Once all has been revealed it's time to care for your Hatchibaby. Using the accessories provided you can feed them, wind them, tickle them and of course the most important task, snuggling with them. 


You can even teach your baby to talk using 'Yak Bak' - to operate this you must hold both of their feet and they will begin to learn to repeat things back to you.

The baby's eyes will change into various colours depending on their mood and what they require from you.

* Red means Upset and you need to put the Hatchibaby in the egg base for a timeout or pet it.
* Orange means Gassy and you need to pat the back of its head
* Yellow means Happy, continue to care for it or tickle its feet
* Green means sick, touch and hold the forehead to take its temperature and pet to comfort it.
* Blue means sad or scared, pet it or give it the cuddle buddy
* White means sleepy. Put in the egg base for a nap or give it the cuddle buddy.
* Pink means cuddly, pet its head or nuzzle its nose
* Purple means hungry, feed it with its bottle


Of course it isn't all work and no play. Your Hatchibaby as their very own secret trick ready to perform. Simply hold the back of the baby's head and touch their forehead sensor twice at the same time. 

I won't tell you what ours did as it's nice to keep some things a surprise!

The more you play with your Hatchibaby the more responses you will be able to unlock and the  more entertaining the newest addition to your family will become.

Here are some ways to play:

* Learn to talk – touch and hold both feet to record your voice. When you have finished let go of the feet and it will repeat what you say.
* Peek-a-boo – Cover its eyes with your hand, remove your hand to hear “peek-a-boo”
* Dancing – Give your Hatchibabies its rattle and it will sing and dance
* Bouncy baby (flashing blue eyes) – Touch and hold the right foot for 3 seconds to enter. When the music plays bounce your hatchibabies backwards and forwards. When the music stops, stop bouncing. Get 3 to win.
*Animal Colours (Flashing green eyes) – Touch and hold the left foot for 3 seconds to enter. Tap its forehead sensor (between the bow straps) when you see the colour that goes with the animal sound eg chick “peep peep” = yellow, sheep “bah bah” = white/blue, Frog “ribbit ribbit” = green and pig “oink oink” = purple. Get 8 to win

What I personally love is that it is actually a toy that teaches children some responsibility and I'll be honest our baby has been quite needy at times.


Hatchibabies are available to buy NOW at Smyths, the Entertainer, Argos, Amazon and all good retailers. 'Santa' might just want to stock up on them ASAP. And in the mean-time you can learn more over at the Hatchimals website.

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