Saturday 24 November 2018

Harry Potter Sorting Hat Review

Fan of Harry Potter? Ever considered what Hogwart's House you might belong to? Well now you have the ability to find out with the Harry Potter Sorting Hat.


This Animatronic Sorting Hat can tell you just what house you're in. The question being is it the house that you thought you were supposed to part of? 

Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw or HufflePuff?

With 5 phrases at his disposal, your fate is in the hand of the Sorting Hat.


Will you be in: 

Gryffindor house, brave at heart.

Slytherin, cunning and shrewd.

Ravenclaw, witty and wise. 

Hufflepuff, loyal and hard working.

To find out simply place the hat on your head and your fate will soon be sealed.

The toy requires batteries much to my delight the batteries come included. On the inside of the hat there is a switch which can be moved from try me (demo mode), to the full version or to be turned off entirely.

What makes this toy special is the fact that the mouth actually moves, all be it quite noisily but it adds that extra element of magic to the Sorting Hat.


To activate you just need to place the hat on your head and press the button on the side.

We all found it hilarious when without fail the hat kept putting my husband into Slytherin, it was like it just knew!

My eight year old is actually having Harry Potter themed term at school so even took the Sorting Hat into her class to determine which houses her class mates would be in.


Over all the Sorting Hat is a fun piece of kit. My only real complaint is the sizing. The hat itself is one size and a small size at that. Adults would love playing with this toy too so I think it would be made better if you could adjust the sizing so that everyone could make the most of it.

It became a balancing game for some of us as we couldn't wear it properly.

Priced at £39.99, I'll admit I find the price tag a little steep however that's my opinion as a parent. My children on the other hand would be willing to pay that price and more as they've had hours of fun with this hat.


I'm pretty certain this will be on many Christmas lists this year!

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