Wednesday 7 November 2018

Man in Red by Tom Sundercombe Book Review

If you are a regular visitor to my blog then you'll know just how much I love Christmas and everything related to that festive period, even better when my other favourite thing is involved, which of course is books. So when I was asked to review Tom Sundercombe's latest picture book release, Man in Red, well, there was no way I could turn down an opportunity like that!

Once upon a midnight dreary . . .  A magical tale is born. Find out more about this mysterious Man in Red . . .


This is wonderfully light-hearted tale that makes us see Santa in a different way. I mean we all thought he was a man that was good but one little girl seems to have other ideas.

The story starts with a little girl discovering Santa in her room and in her sleepy states believes that she sees him stealing all of the gifts from under the tree.

Could it be true?

"This bearded thief, soot footprints he brought."

Her mum began to tell her stories all about good old Father Christmas but lets just say she isn't quite convinced by what she hears.

What transpires a year later can only be described as comical. If there ever was a mix up then this was surely it.

"You took my pies, my milk, and still you crunched my carrots at your will."

I love the little girl in this story because she is so strong willed and she certainly knows her own mind.

How can Santa convince her that he means well, surely she doesn't want to end up on the naughty list and risk not getting any presents.

All I can say is that she is one brave child!

"Quickly girl I've not all night, time's ticking, hurry, lets take flight."


Throughout the book there is a wonderful mix of short witty rhyming sentences and modern, mischievous illustrations. You can't help but smile as you turn the pages and become immersed in this wintery tale.

The characters are quite charming and manage to hold your attention. I think whether you are young or old, you'll definitely find some sort of enjoyment from this story.


"With every gift my heart did melt, and in the end twas this I felt . . ."

Whether you are looking to introduce the idea of Santa Claus to your little ones  or perhaps you are just looking for a new festive favourite, The Man in Red is the perfect choice of book.

A heart-warming story just perfect for cosying up by the fire with a mug of hot chocolate to accompany the story telling.

What to my wondering eyes should appear but The Man in Red with plenty of laughs and festive cheer


For more information on the Man in Red and all of Tom's other lovely books you can head on over to his site now.


  1. That sounds like a very entertaining read and it’s nice to get a different perspective on Christmas.

  2. Looks a delightful book and sounds a lovely take on what we would expect

  3. This sounds like a very fun twist on the Santa legend! #ReadWithMe

  4. I'm a lover of all things Christmas as well and I love the sound of this book. It would be a great one to include in the book advent.


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