Thursday 15 November 2018

Ultimate Co-Pilot Chewie - Toy Review

To people that know my youngest daughter, it's no secret that she is a real fan of Star Wars. Some people seemed shocked by this, in fact it was the optician the other week when she chose her first pair of glasses, he thought she was joking when she said she'd chose Star Wars and not Disney Princess. Her favourite character is Chewie (Chewbacca), she has her trusty Build-a-Bear version that goes everywhere with her. So I knew when I agreed to my latest toy review that in the moment of delivery, I'd be the 'best mum ever'.

Ultimate Co-Pilot Chewie is one of the latest interactive plush toys from Hasbro. It coincides well with the DVD release of the latest Star Wars film, Solo because as you'll know, Chewie is Han Solo's loyal friend and co-pilot. 


Aimed at children aged four and upwards, he will become the ulitmate side-kick/best friend as he embarks on new intergalactic adventures with your little ones. He's ready to play with straight out of the box as thankfully he comes supplied with batteries included and there is an off switch which you can find by the battery compartment on his back, parents rejoice!

Complete with 100+ sound-and-motion combinations, Chewie cleverly responds in the Wookie language we've come to know and love and he also reacts whenever he’s in motion – sometimes in the most surprising ways.

Actions include:

* Press/hold tummy for Wookie sounds then a big roar
* Lie him down to make him sleep, you will hear snoring.
* Wake him by patting head or tummy
* Scratch his head to hear a more contented/friendly sound
* Reacts when shook


The more you interact with Chewie the more sounds there are to be heard. He even laughs in his own special way. A favourite part for my children was actually his facial expressions as he responds, they were amazed at the fact that his eyes were opening and closing. And of course the fun doesn't stop there, he gets rather animated as his arms also raise up in the air as he talks to you.

You can see that in my tweet below:

And the fun doesn't end there. Chewie is completely poseable, you can make him sit or stand how you want and his bag even opens up so you can hide a few treasures inside.

Now the one thing I will mention is that when you get Chewie out of the box he comes with gel over some of his fur, this can either be brushed away gently or left to come away naturally but once it is all removed his fur is wonderfully soft and your new furry pal is just perfect for cuddling!


If your child is ready to save the galaxy then they'll definitely want the most famous Wookie by their side. Cute and cuddly but also ready for battle, Chewie really is the ultimate co-pilot and he's always waiting for his next mission. 

This is an animatronic toy that is well worth the pennies you spend on it!

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