Friday 7 December 2018

Elves, Nativities and Festive Activities #weeklyroundup

Oh hello you lovely lot. Can you believe we're are already a week into December? This is the one month of the year that I wish would go slowly and yet it always seems to speed on by, like blink and you've missed it. It's definitely my favourite time of the year. I mean who wouldn't get excited, chocolate for breakfast, sitting by pretty lights in the evenings and of course the excuse to indulge more than you normally would.

And with December also comes the return of our elves. I've sort of lost count but I think this is my sixth year of doing this and it's becoming increasingly hard to a) come up with new ideas as the kids seem to remember everything that they've previously done and b) trying not to forget to move the blooming things, already I have almost forgotten to do something with them, it's a good job that 3 out of my 4 children actually know and can help me with the setting up.

But enough about the elves, here is a snap shot of my life in this weeks weekly round up.


It's such a busy month and that of course means very little time to myself but I had some lovely book post (that I'd forgotten about) so I had to carve out a bit of me time to make a start on the 800+ pages of the new novel from Cassandra Clare. Queen of Air and Darkness is the third book in the Dark Artifices trilogy and part of the Shadow Hunters novels, I have been waiting for a year for this latest release and so far it hasn't disappointed.


These are such great stories and they are ones that both my eldest daughter and I enjoy, great that we get to share them and discuss their contents.


Of course I have been watching even more Christmas films now that December is finally here but something else I was lucky enough to watch was my youngest daughter in her last ever nativity. She was narrator number four and she did a fantastic job reading out all of her lines. I honestly can't believe I've reached the point of no more nativity plays.


Wednesday I took part in a Christmas Quiz at a local pub, we were trying to raise money for my girls' primary school as they'd like to invest in a defibrillator for both the school and the local community to use.

It was a really fun evening with some cracking festive questions alongside a good tipple and some Christmassy snacks, all whilst wearing some fantastic Xmas themed clothing. My knowledge for quizzes is never that great but it is after the taking part that counts right! 


I was kindly sent this gorgeous necklace from Statement Made Jewellery and I've decided to gift it to my eight year old who rather adores a good piece of jewellery at the moment. This particular item is available to purchase with an initial charm or birthstone to make it that little bit more special and with prices starting from £13.90 I think they would make an ideal personalised gift for this season of giving!



Who else loves a pickled egg?

Well I finally got around to making some so that they can sit and pickle until Christmas day, hopefully they'll be strong enough by then. I love eating mine alongside a bag of pickled onion crisps mmmmm.

And lastly . . .

It's Christmas Jumper Day. 

My most festive jumper is on, as are the kids and we've got our money ready to donate to a good cause.

Looking forward to a weekend of catching up with family and of course keeping on top of those pesky elves.

Happy December everyone.

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