Thursday 6 December 2018

Magformers Toy Review

I've always been a great believer of learning through play as I really think that it has a massive impact on the development of a child's brain. Magformers are a toy that also believe in this philosophy and hey have been designed to be fun yet educational at the same time.

Intelligent Magnetic Construction Sets for Brain Development

So how do they work?


Well we all know that a magnet has a positive and negative pole of which the opposite poles will attract each other whilst the same poles will repel each otherif you try and put them together. And this is essentially what Magformers are, magnets that you can get creative with. 

Inside Magformers are neodymium magnets (big word) which are encapsulated within all the edge surfaces of Magformers, these make Magformers rotate to any direction and connect to each other regardless of their position when two Magformers are brought together. Very clever indeed.

Click it! Stack it! Fold it! Hook it!

Each set of Magformers come complete with various pieces in different colours and simple geometric shapes inlcuding triangles, squares, rhomboids. These can all be easily connected by simply using the power of the built-in magnets. 


As well as the Magformers themselves you will also discover step by step instructions on how to construct certain objects as well as pictures of puzzles to solve. These are perfect for younger children as they make the toy accessible to them too.

3D Brain Training

Of course you haven't got to follow the ideas which you are provided with. There are an infinite number of possibilities when it comes to what you can make. That's what makes Magformers so appealing as they can be used time and time again without game-play becoming repetitive or boring.


Children can go wild with their imaginations. Final designs could be 2D or 3D and it isn't just the building, the Magformers can help little ones to recognise different shapes and colours too and something that my children like to do is make patterns so it can also be a stepping stone for patterns and sequences.

Perfect for at home or at school!


Each Magformer is made to a high quality, they are certainly durable so need to worry if they are dropped of thrown around. Sets vary in size starting from just 6 pieces up to 62 pieces. They give a new take on construction and intelligent magnetic design, the possibilities really are endless!

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