Monday 3 December 2018

Read With Me 2018 #48

Hello everyone and welcome to this weeks Read With Me. Can you believe that we are now at the start of December? How's the Christmas shopping going. I'm pleased to say that I just have a huge mountain of wrapping to contend with. Bring on the mulled wine.


Of course being the start of December I just had to mention a Christmas themed book and this one comes in the shape of one f Barrington Stoke's lovely releases, The Dog That Saved Christmas.

This is a story that firstly puts across the message that a dog is not just for Christmas but it's actually more telling than that. 


We see the story of Jake, a boy who struggles with change of routine, understanding emotions. It's refreshing to see a character like Jake because we should recognise the struggles of those on the spectrum and this book provides an insight to younger readers on this.

I found this to be more than a  heart warming tale, it shows just how much one dog can change a boys life. It looks at how inclusive we all could be and how our actions can affect others around us as well as providing us with a lovely dose of festive spirit.

Highly recommended!

And now on to my favourite post from last week. It had to be a Christmas book so I chose Shell Louise with her review of The Christmas Hope.

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  1. My Christmas shopping is nearly done; I'm a bit behind this year for some reason.
    Thanks for mentioning me :)


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