Friday 14 December 2018

The Build Up to Christmas #weeklyroundup

It's less than 2 weeks until the big day that is Christmas and I for one cannot wait. This week has been particularly festive with various events at school as well as work parties and of course the obligatory last minute Christmas shopping. I don't want to say I'm finished on that front as there always seems to be something or someone that I've forgotten however I can definitely say that I am very much organised.

I'll admit though as much as I love this time of year, I've felt quite stressed out this week. Things getting to me more than they would any other time, just not enough hours in the day to fit everything in. For example I've already done a food shop this week but I will be getting up early Saturday morning to do the Christmas food and drink shop with my mum who will be in-between night shifts, madness.

And if you haven't heard enough about the C word carry on and read my weekly round up.


I mentioned last week about reading the last in the Dark Artifices trilogy, well I'm over half way through the almost 900 pages which I consider a triumph considering my lack of minutes to do things.

I've made time for my youngest though.

Every evening at her bed time during this month we have been reading Christmas stories together. We take it in turns to read the pages and it's a real win win situation. I get a bit of quality one on one time with her and she gets to practice her reading skills at the same time and let me tell at five years old I can't believe just how well she can read.


The holiday season of Nailed It.


If you are yet to make the time to watch this series then I implore you to start now. It is one of the funniest baking shows you will ever watch and the festive episodes are just as hilarious. They definitely make me feel better about my own baking attempts.


Lots of excited children.

Not only my kids but all the kids at school too. It's such a nice sound/sight as Christmas day gets closer.


The elves have been back for a while now and I've managed to not forget to move them and have made the effort to move them not once but twice a day this time round, only because the youngest every day makes the comments of I wonder what the elves have been doing whilst we've been at school today.


One of their favourite days so far has been when the elves left them a little experiment to try with skittles and water. Helped that they could eat the remaining skittles afterwards.


It's Christmas jumper day today so my festive jumper is on. It's a fabulous Ginglebells one from Tesco.

Are you wearing yours?

If I'm being honest with you all, I have actually been wearing festive clothing pretty much every day since December began. I cannot deny or confirm whether I bought a wonderfully festive unicorn dress to wear too.

And lastly . . .

Typically the rain has stopped this week but I just wanted to show you this rather wonderful Mary Poppins umbrella from Paladone which you can find in the PALADONE shop.

Now I'm not saying that I want it to rain but it would be nice for a drop or two to appear in the sky so I can test the umbrella out! It even has a handy push button so the umbrella seems to open itself up, practically perfect in every way you might say.


I'll leave you with the thought that it's only 11 days until Christmas and hey if you're looking for a last minute gift why not think about a trendy new umbrella ;)

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