Wednesday 12 December 2018

Breathe Journals Book Review

Do you sometimes struggle to get time to just sit and breathe, to take a moment for yourself and reflect? I know this is something I find difficult and I often find myself wanting more hours in the day just to get everything ticked off my ever growing list of things to do. Now there has been a lot of talk in recent months about mindfulness, the idea of having something to calm and relax you but the trouble I've found is that I just don't know where to start.

Breathe magazine was something I'd seen over Twitter and what I discovered was that it was essentially a guide that aimed to help you to be a happier and healthier self. Their mission, to get people to make more time for themselves. The magazine has been successful filled with sections on wellbeing, living, mindfulness, creativity and escapes, it embodies the ideas of stress relief and includes some inspiring illustrations, words and activities.


On the back of the success of the Breathe magazine, they have now released three Breathe Journals: 

Breathe List Journal

Breathe Mindfulness Journal

Breathe Wellbeing Journal

These journals are not quite pocket sized but definitely handbag size and they are just as good, if not better than their magazine counterpart. Priced at £12.99 each, they are packed to the brim with everything that the original magazines had to offer and so much more. I was drawn in by the pastel colours, the beautiful art-work and the projects which they contained because they really did make me stop and think. And of course this in turn meant that I was in fact making some time for myself instead of for everyone else.


The Breathe List Journal holds within it plenty of creative ways to organise your life and if you are a list lover like me then this book will certainly be the one for you. Getting you to think about not only the present, but the past and the future too, this could be the tool to help you come up with goals and ways to achieve them.

The Breathe Mindfulness Journal is more about the you that you are now, in this moment. It gets you delving deeper into your habits and provides helpful exercises to not only calm your mood but to also restore a sort of balance to how you live your life currently. It reminds us that we are our own worst enemies and really it is up to us to change how we think and feel.

The Breathe Wellbeing Journal is all about that slow-living. A mixture of articles, exercises, meal ideas and newly found rituals can be read in there, helping not only your mental health but your physical health as well. It's a book that gives guidance on self awareness and looks at how to do things in a practical yet positive way.


Each one of these journals display positivity and balance. Lending a selfless hand to those in need. Whether you are stressed, busy or plain old tired, the Breathe Journals will aid you in making simple, gradual changes that will have you not only learning new things on a daily basis but feeling more at peace with yourself and the world around you.

I'd be thrilled if I were to find one of these in my stocking this Christmas!


  1. These look wonderful, I must check them out, thanks.

  2. These do sound very good. I'm aware that I'm pretty much always stressed and worrying about all the little things I've got to do. I should check these out!

  3. Wow! These sound great! I'm not much of a journaller - but I guess blogging is journalling so maybe I could get used to it?! #ReadWithMe

  4. These sound really good, I like the idea of journals but I'm always too disorganised to stick using them. These might change my mind though! #readwithme

  5. These sound like something that everyone could benefit from #readwithme

  6. I love journals and these look brilliant! Thanks for sharing #readwithme


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