Tuesday 11 December 2018

Get Ready to Feel Pampered This Festive Season With Find Me a Gift

It's the most wonderful time of the year but also the most stressful time for some of us. December is a busy month and one that sees many of us not only rushed off our feet but also worrying about things like where will we find the money for that massive list of presents requested, just where is everyone going to fit on Christmas day (those spare chairs come out to play) and how will we overcome all those dates, events etc slotted into the diary? 

I don't know about you but this festive season I'd like to feel pampered instead of put out and that's where Find Me a Gift have kindly stepped in.


Find Me a Gift is the site to find all you need for the holidays: toys, games, gadgets, accessories, personalised gifts, sweets and boozy treats, they aim to take the hard work out of buying all your friends and family those much wanted gifts. They have an abundance of fun and unique gift ideas ready and waiting for you to browse through over on their site which is exactly what I did a couple of weeks ago and I think I managed to come up with the ultimate pamper hamper. 

From chocolate, to wine, from candles to massage accessories, there is literally something for your every need just ready and waiting to be found and this is what I managed to discover whilst browsing Find Me a Gift:

* Bomb Gift Pack 
* Unicorn Makeup Bag
* Crunchy Munchy Chocolate pizza
* Bring Me Wine Socks


All of the above gifts combined + a bottle of wine of course make the ideal combination to enable you to de-stress in the midst of all the chaos that is Christmas. Take out your make up wipes from your oh so trendy Unicorn Make Up bag, wipe away all the day and let the pampering commence in the bathroom with The Bomb Gift Pack that comes complete with:

* 1 x Raspberry Shower Butter
* 1 x Pink Rhubarb Princess Whoopie Blaster
* 1 x Vintage Vibe Mallow
* 1 x All You Need Is Love Blaster
* 1 x Pink Pamper Soap
* 1 x Jelly Baby Candle
* 1 x Cotton Fresh Soap
*1 x Ripple-Licious Butter Loop


Light the candle, pop a bath bomb in the bath and lather up the soap. Prepare to wash away those troubles for a while.

Bath gone cold?

Time to head on downstairs. Turn on the fire, pop on those comfy socks and let your husband read what they say, here's hoping he takes the hint and goes and cracks open a bottle of wine. And if you have no wine you're in luck because Find Me a Gift stock some fantastic wine glasses and personalised bottles of wine too.


All that's left to do is take command of the remote, put on a good chick flick and try your hardest not to share the sizeable chocolate pizza. I know my kids would love nothing more than to get their hands on a piece of that sweet treat but sometimes us parents have to be our foot down and be a little selfish every so often.


Sounds like a good night in doesn't it because lets be honest staying in is the new going out.

What would you need for you to feel perfectly pampered this festive season?

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