Wednesday 9 January 2019

The Secret Woodland Activity Book - Review

I'm kicking of 2019 with a fantastic book for you all. The Secret Woodland Activity book, it is time for you all to discover the magical and playful wood-folk of this secret Scandinavian woodland island.


As soon as I opened up the packaging my youngest two daughters fell in love with this book. The front cover is illustrated with unicorns, fairies and beautiful woods, looking altogether wonderfully magical and it is just begging to be opened.

The theme of the book is woodland creatures including birds, sprites as well as more traditional woodland animals like bears, foxes and owls. This is all mixed with plenty of magic and make-believe, perfect to get children's imaginations flowing.

The wood-folk would like to invite you into their secret woodland. They think that you can help them with some important jobs.

There are an abundance of activities scattered over the pages. Think mazes, colouring in (my favourite), plenty of crafts, recipes and something that every child loves, STICKERS!


What I find most appealing about this activity book is the fact that it is suitable for a wide range of ages, and in my opinion adults can get enjoyment from it too. It's a book that can be used independently or with a bit of teamwork to solve some of the more tricky puzzles.

It's all quite mystical.

Are you ready for an adventure? Let's go then!

My youngest's favourite part was the stickers. And even then the children had to think about what they were doing as they needed to be stuck in on certain pages and places.

The Secret Woodland Activity book is fantastic. It offers fun whilst allowing children to explore and learn things about nature at the same time. And even better some of the activities encourage kids to get outside too.


This is a dreamlike book packed full of enchantment. If you're in need of something to stop the words of "I'm bored", then this is exactly what you need.


  1. It sounds lovely, although I'm not sure if my niece would have the patience to engage with it! My daughter would have loved something like this when she was younger.

  2. This looks lovely!! The illustrations would definitely inspire. #readwithme

  3. My niece would love this book and I reckon my Ella would enjoy doing it with her!

  4. This looks lovely. My boys really enjoyed activity books when they were younger. And you're right, stickers are always a winner

  5. This looks like a cute book!


  6. Oh this looks great, really magical :) #readwithme


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