Wednesday 29 May 2019

Bold Lies by Rachel Lynch Blog Tour

An author that I have come to love is Rachel Lynch. I'm one of these people who now impatiently waits for her next book to be released. So I am sure you can guess just how excited I was when I got the email asking if I'd like to take part in the blog tour for Rachel's latest novel, Bold Lies. The answer had to be yes!

Bold Lies is the next instalment in the DI Kelly Porter series of books, crime novels based in the Lake District.


A brutal murder in the Lake District.

A double assassination in a secret lab in London’s west end.

Seemingly unconnected, unexpected links between the gruesome crimes emerge and it’s up to DI Kelly Porter to follow the trail – all the way to the capital.

Back amongst old colleagues and forced to work alongside her calculating ex, DCI Matt Carter, Kelly must untangle a web of deceit that stretches into the highest echelons of power. A place where secrets and lies are currency and no obstacle is insurmountable.

I'll start by saying that this series never fails to have me reading constantly, once I start I just cannot put the book down.

This time we pick up almost where the last book (Bitter Edge) ended. Kelly's mum has recently passed away and she's trying to form a newer relationship with Ted, who has recently admitted to being her father.

But as the saying goes, there's no rest for the wicked and Kelly is quickly put back on the job when a body is discovered deceased on a boat in the lakes. Not only that, another pair of bodies, seemingly assassinated, are found in what they think was a private lab in Bethnal Green.

The two cases appear to be linked which means Kelly finds herself going back to her old place of work, the MET in London, which puts her face to face with her ex boyfriend, DCI Matt Carter and as you read, the tension between them is palpable but not for the reasons you might think.
As the case progresses, we get to learn that case might take a darker turn as there are links to people of high class and high up in the government. The question on the readers lips changes from who would commit such a crime to just what have these people got to do with the case as more bodies turn up.

Alongside all of this drama, we have Kelly's personal story. Being put into a work environment with her ex is certainly making her re-evaluate her life, a few decisions are made/solidified and yet again I was left wanting more.

I love how Rachel includes Kelly's own life along with the policing, I've always found it to add a real depth, the details make how DI Porter deals with the criminal cases all that more believable. The mix of the main protagonists own story line running alongside a different crime each time is a winning formula.

Bold Lies is a brilliant addition to an already fantastic series. With each book the crimes become a little bit more complicated, a larger cast of characters and the police procedures more in-depth. You can really see that Rachel is perfecting her craft.

I was yet again kept guessing as to who the real culprits were but the details were so seamlessly strung together, I think any reader would be hard pressed to predict anything early on.

Looking forward to book six already!

Now look out below for all the blogs you can still read for more reviews, excerpts and information on Bold Lies.


  1. This book sounds right up my street. Will be putting it on my to read list #ReadWithMe

  2. This sounds like just my sort of book and series! I will have to look out for it.

  3. I like the sound of this book so will be adding the series to my list :)

  4. I have several Rachel Lynch books on my tbr - I might have to bump them up a bit! #readwithme


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