Friday 31 May 2019

L.O.L Surprise Hair Goals and Fuzzy Pets Collectibles

Collectible toys are still all the rage amongst kids right now and one such collectible that remains popular are the L.O.L Surprise dolls. My girls have been collecting various versions of them ever since they hit toy shelves back in 2016.

And now I've been given the opportunity to review two of the latest ranges #Hairgoals and Fuzzy Pets. Right now I'm considered the coolest mum ever!


LOL Surprise! #Hairgoals dolls are revealing some fabulous new looks, some of which include new characters with REAL hair in an array of quirky styles. 

There are a huge 15 surprises to be discovered when you open up the cleverly designed hairspray can capsule:

1) Magic Mirror; (2) Secret Message; (3) Hair Barrette Stickers; (4) Salon Chair; (5) Hair Curlers; (6) Comb; (7) Bottle; (8) Fashion Accessory; (9-12) Mystery Disguise; (13) Outfit; (14) Shoes; (15) L.O.L. Surprise! Hairgoals doll


The hairspray can then magically transforms into a salon chair, display case, doll stand, or purse, providing an extra element of fun to these new L.O.Ls. 

Once opened children have the opportunity to either feed or bathe doll to find a water surprise (including colour change!) 

Over all there are twelve sassy characters to collect, which ten of them have real hair and two are rare glitterati or so I'm told by my youngest two girls any way. The only complaint from one of my daughters was the fact that both dolls she's opened so far don't have the real hair, more of a disappointment than anything else.

To coincide with the release of #Hairgoals, the utterly adorable L.O.L. Surprise Fuzzy Pets got a fuzzy (see what I did there) makeover.

There is now an updated shampoo bottle package to unwrap which matches nicely with the hairspray can and there are 7 surprises waiting to be revealed. These include:

(1) Mirror; (2) Secret Message; (3) Bottle; (4) Scooper; (5) Accessory; (6) Outfit; (7) L.O.L. Surprise Fuzzy Pet covered in soft fuzz 


The shampoo bottle then transforms into either a purse a play-set or of course a bath tub ready to help wash all of the fuzz off your new found pet to slowly unveil the animal underneath. Be warned this process can be a little messy so I'd advice not doing it on a carpet. 

I've seen it suggested that if you were to find a multiple of the same pet your child could always leave one fuzzy and wash the other one off. 

Just like the #Hairgoals there is also a water surprise waiting. Simply add water to your L.O.L. Surprise Fuzzy Pet to discover just what it is, (including colour change). 


I have the usual complaints with these toys, too much plastic packaging used, a price tag too high for what you actually receive (they are small) and of course the fact that you don't know which doll you'll be getting so you could end up with a lot of doubles.

However my children's views trump my own and in this case they love the L.O.L surprise Hair Goals and Fuzzy Pets. So much so that they are still requesting that I buy them more, I say requesting, more like pleading. And I'll admit they do spend hours and I mean hours playing with them, mix and matching outfits, accessories etc so my initial gripes end up invalid don't they.

AND now with the release of L.O.L Surprise boys coming up soon, I can already guess what they'll be asking for next!


  1. We got my daughter both of these for her 6th birthday last week, she loves L.O.L Surprises and I bet she will be after a boy to add to her collection x

    1. There's been another couple mentioned in this house that are out for pre-order, my youngest has a birthday coming up in July so I can see my house being taken over by L.O.L's


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