Wednesday 17 July 2019

Little Tiger July Book Releases

Little Tiger are one of my favourite children's book publishers and I try to share some of their fantastic releases when I can. May saw some very sweet stories being published and I'm back this month, July, with a whole host of books which include plenty of numbers and some very cute llamas and unicorns.

Let's Find the Tiger


Tiger is hiding. Let's go and find him!

There are lots of animals playing among the trees, but could any of them be Tiger? Peek through the pages and lift the touchy-feely felt flaps to find out.

This book is wonderfully interactive. From the different peep through holes and the beautifully bright felt flaps. There is an abundance if things to catch a child's imaginations. The combined use of sight and touch really work well to capture little one's attention.

Flamingo: A Colourful Book of Counting

How many flamingos can you count in this playful book of numbers? 

Bright artwork, finger-holes and a cheerful rhyming text make learning come alive!

Flamingos have become quite popular in recent months so I can certainly see the appeal of this boardbook. Part of the My Little World series of books, this is a great book to encourage interaction between children, parents and the book itself.


Unicorn: A Magical Book of Numbers

Discover a whole world of unicorns in this playful book of colours!

Bright artwork, finger-holes and a cheerful rhyming text make learning come alive!

You've probably guessed that this book is part of the same series as the Flamingo one you've just read about, the difference that instead of counting flamingos, we are now looking at colours with the use of rainbows and unicorns. I'll admit, this one is my favourite (the images are just so cute!).

Dotty and Dash's 1, 2, 3


Dotty and Dash are off on a quest, to discover the number they like the best.

Help Dotty and Dash to choose their favourite numbers between 1 and 100 in this colourful pop-up counting book.

If you're child is starting to delve into the world of numbers then this is the book for you. With numbers going all the way up to 100 (with some of those literally popping out of the pages) and cute, eye-catching illustrations everywhere you look, this book instills a feeling that actually maths can be fun.

I Love My Llamacorn


50% llama + 50% unicorn = 100% magical

You make my hopes and dreams come true. You're magical and I Love You!
Now I think I have saved the best until last. This book will be loved not only by kids but by adults too, it is simply adorable.

Rhyming text, colourful glitter on every page and words that literally have you feeling the love. It has so much visual appeal and is perfectly playful too. A real delight for any little ones.


  1. These look lovely for little ones, but I do wonder whether the obsession with both llamas and unicorns might end soon!

  2. These all look gorgeous. I do miss this stage of books now that my boys are older

  3. I love these! They all look so bright and colourful #readwithme


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