Wednesday 14 August 2019

Star in Your Own Story Book Review

I am a huge fan of personalised items and there is no exception when it comes to books. The trouble is a lot of children's books are quite pricey if you want to add your child's name to it. Little Tiger have a solution to this problem with their new Star in Your Own Story range of books which were recently released.


With Star in Your Own Story personalised books, you can add your child's name using alphabet stickers provided. It will appear on every page through the clever cut-out window so your child stars in their very own story.

There are currently four books in this new and exciting series:

Star in Your Own Story: Saves the Day
                                        Drives a Digger
                                        The Firefighter
                                        The Ballerina

Saves the Day and Drives a Digger are both hardback books aimed at children aged between 3-6 years. Great for kids that love to play superheroes or who simply like all things that go!


The stickers provided can be removed and reused which makes it great value for money as more than one child can have it personalised for them. Ideal if you'd like to pass it on when your own child has outgrown the book.

Carefully remove the letters you need from the transparent sticker sheet by pushing from the reverse side. Make sure the name is placed in the centre of the shiny lozenge on the opposite page.

The Firefighter and The Ballerina are more focused on children aged between 1-3 years, slightly smaller in size, these board books are just perfect for little hands.


The board books are slightly different when it comes to personalisation as instead of stickers, there is a removable slot-in-card which has three spaces which can be written on, meaning the book is still ideal if you have more than one child that could benefit from reading it.

All the books are wonderfully entertaining, with a great mix of stories, illustrations and many things to be learnt. 

I'm sure your child would love to star in their very own story!

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