Tuesday 15 October 2019

Dreamworks Toothless Hatching Dragon - How to Train Your Dragon The Hidden World

My children are huge fans of the How to Train Your Dragon films (as am I). So when we got wind of a certain toy, which is going to be very popular, the kids were more than a little eager to get their hands on it.

Much like a certain other hatching egg, the Toothless Hatching Dragon is an interactive toy which you first need to hatch out of its impressively big shell. My eldest daughter made the comment that she could now be the mother of dragons - if you watch Game of Thrones you will understand just what she was inferring.


Hatch and train your own baby toothless!

In the box you will receive:

* 1 Dragon egg.
* 1 Hatching Dragon (in egg).
* 1 Instruction guide.
* 1 Fish accessory.


I was actually really impressed by the hatching process. It was simple and fairly speedy. Begin by twisting the two locks at the bottom of the egg, this action will wake your dragon up. Then interact with the egg. Tilt it to play, shake it to make Toothless a little angry or tap on the side of the egg to hear the dragon tap back. 

If you leave the egg alone it will fall asleep, and yes you do hear the adorable snoring noises. To wake up simply hold the bottom of the egg.

Once agitated enough, the first cracks will appear, at this point you need to place the egg on a flat surface and watch as Toothless starts to slowly break through the shell. My advice here is that you will need to peel some of the shell away yourself as there is only so much that your toy can remove.


Become the best of friends with Hatching Toothless

Toothless is exactly as you remember him from the movies

Of course once you've hatched your dragon the real fun begins because it is time to train your very own dragon!


There is a dial on the underneath of toothless. This is what you use to interact with the toy. Move this dial to the various numbers to see him act in different ways. From blasting plasma and playing games, to asking him questions, feeding him (with his fish) and teaching him how to fly. There are so many activities that it will be like having a new toy each time you play with your hatching dragon.


This playful baby dragon loves to play games with you!

As a parent I like the simplicity of this toy.

It is easy to navigate which means your child can play by themselves without any help needed - unless of course they want you to join in with their games.

The best part according to my children was when Toothless burped after having his dinner. I guess I should have seen that answer coming. And an added bonus for me was that once hatched, the egg itself doubles up as a bed for toothless which meant less waste and in this day and age that's definitely not a bad thing.


My personal favourite thing was when we played music and watched him dance, Toothless has got the moves!

Hatch, train and play!

Toothless was a huge hit in my house. The excitement built from the moment they saw the box. 

With lights, sounds and movements, this is a toy that offers an abundance of gameplay and will certainly be played with over and over again. You don't need to be a fan of the films to get immense enjoyment from this dragon.

DreamWorks Toothless Hatching Dragon Interactive is suitable for children from the age of five and above, it requires 2 x AA batteries (which are included) and comes with an RRP of £59.99. You can find Toothless at Smyths and most leading toy stores.

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