Wednesday 13 November 2019

Alice's Wonderland Tea Party November Book of the Month

I have always been a huge fan of Alice in Wonderland. It's a tale that has appealed to many generations of adults and children and with that has come many interesting adaptions. I was recently sent a fantastic version from Little Tiger Group, Alice's Wonderland Tea Party by Poppy Bishop. 


Alice wants her tea party to be perfect. Not silly like the Mad Hatter's. No growing or shrinking, or - WAIT a MINUTE! Where has the Cheshire Cat gone? And why is everyone upside down?

This book is beautifully illustrated and begins in the most interactive of ways, with a fold-out invitation to the reader to a rather spectacular Wonderland tea party. Now who wouldn't want to attend this sort of party?

My seven year old had her imagination immediately captured. The pictures are quirky alongside flaps in different shapes and sizes to lift with hidden curiosities. You begin to wonder just what this tea party might entail. 

It is a visual delight!


There is an abundance to see and read on each and every page, which means that every time you decide to read the book there is still something new to be discovered. A story that will never become boring or tiresome.

The speech bubbles used give the reader a chance to use various voices, to create what they think each character might sound like to them.

Alice's Wonderland Tea Party is a great introduction for younger readers to some well loved, classic characters. 

It's utterly chaotic (which is just how Wonderland should be.)


My favourite part is a double page spread at the end where both pages can be opened up to reveal something rather special underneath.

A fresh and invigorating twist on a vintage tale with a great message to be found within its pages too. In my opinion this is a book that is ideal for both fans of Alice and to those who are yet to be introduced to her wonders.


  1. It sounds good in principle. But I'm not sure about taking a classic and repackaging

  2. I absolutely love Alice in Wonderland, so I would enjoy sharing this book with my niece. Although I do also take Mumjd's point about changing a classic.


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