Friday 15 November 2019

Pop Pop Hair Surprise Toy Review

ad I was kindly sent the items in this post free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

My children love a toy that they get to make a collection of, and funnily enough this latest toy I'm about to share with you was one that they'd been watching a lot of You Tube videos about so when I made it known that we would be getting a delivery of Pop Pop Hair Surprise dolls, their screams of joy could be heard far and wide.


A pop of hair, a pop of style, a pop of surprise!

These toys are fantastic (as a parent it isn't very often that I say that and mean it.)

Priced at £7.99, you get real value for money because they you actually receive three characters in one package.

Each Pop Pop includes the following:

* Pop Hair Pet 
* Brush that can also turn into  spray bottle
* Hairbands x 4 
* Hair clips x 2 


Wear, share and style with Pop Pop Hair! 

How does the Pop Pop Hair Surprise work?


From the outside this looks like a simple toy but be prepared to discover many surprises. You begin by opening the Pop Brush, this will reveal your first inside! The brush handle quickly becomes a spray bottle which you will need to fill with water in order to spray the Pop Pod. I enjoyed this concept as much as my children as the toy became interactive straight away.

The Pop Pod slowly pops to reveal a 'Hair Roller'. 

Next carefully unroll your roller to discover which utterly adorable Pop Hair Pet you have waiting inside. 


Each pet has rather long hair which is ready to be brush, plaited and styled in whichever way you'd like. And the fun doesn't stop there because attached to your Pop Hair Pet is a bobble so that you can give yourself a makeover by wearing your pet as a stylish accessory.

Collect and create loads of fabulous looks with 3 characters in 1. 

And if that wasn't enough, each Pop Hair Pet also turns into your very own pencil topper.

There are 4 different themes which you may receive, these are: Bed Heads, Girly Qs, Pretty in Punk and Disco Dos. There are two differing Pop Brushes in each theme, six Pop Rollers and over 25 characters to collect across all of the themes (each sold separately.) I'm quite keen to see if we can find Doggie Bowie - I mean a David Bowie themed toy is a must have!


The price combined with the endless possibilities of play make this toy worth every penny you spend on it. 

Pop Pop Hair Surprise is imaginative, interactive and promotes curiosity to children both young and old. 

Highly recommended.

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