Friday 22 November 2019

Emotions Pet Toffee the Pony Toy Review

ad I was kindly sent this toy in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

My girls are huge fans of horses and ponies. They are lucky to have friends that own a yard and horses of their own so quite often they will go up and help to look after the horses in exchange for riding lessons.

Now I know I could never afford to get them a horse of their own (no matter how many times it appears on their Christmas wish lists) but Toffee the Pony could be the next best thing . . .


Toffee the Pony is just so 'real' and he needs the love and care from your tots.

There is no denying that Toffee is extremely adorable. Part of the world of Emotion Pets, Toffee is super soft, cuddly and ready to make friends with your little ones.

What you get in the box:

* 1 x Toffee the Pony Plush
* 1 x Carrot
* 1 x Brush
* 1 x Set of instructions


This plush pony is no ordinary cuddly toy, and I bet you're now wondering why that is. It's because this pony is jam packed full of technology that makes it highly interactive. Toffee comes complete with seven interactive functions and these mean that Toffee can make various sounds as well as move his ears and his eyes.

In order to bring Toffee to life you will need 4 x AA batteries, which unfortunately are not included with the toy. Inserting the batteries can be a little tricky, you can find the battery compartment on the underside of the pony however the opening for the batteries is a little bit tight due to the stitching of the material around the toy.

Once the batteries are inserted playing with the toy is a much simpler affair. Go ahead and turn the switch to on and Toffee will wake up ready to become friends with your child. 

Make caring connections with these true-to-life companions for kids. 

Toffee is like a real life pet, he enjoys cuddles, eating carrots and the best way to keep him happy is by grooming him with the brush which is included.


Being part of the Emotion Pets range, of course Toffee shows a range of emotions in various ways. When he is happy he will blink his eyes and make calm sounds but when he gets spooked his ears will tremble and his neighs become more frantic - this definitely adds to the realism of the toy.

With so many features, your child will never get bored of their new pet. His features activate randomly so every time he's played with your child will need to pay attention to work out what mood he is in and what his needs are in that moment.

A unique plush toy packed full of interactive technology.

My youngest's favourite part is when Toffee slowly drifts of to sleep. Watching her caring for her pony was really heart-warming. Every time I turned around Toffee was on her lap. Being so soft, he loves nothing more than a ginormous hug, and of course that includes cuddles in bed too. 


A bonus trick that we discovered is that if you happen to misplace your carrot, you can replace it with your finger (we wouldn't want Toffee going hungry now would we?) 

Realistic and interactive, there is nothing not to like about this toy. You can find Toffee the Pony at many of the major toy retailers including Argos. He's there waiting for your children to fall in love with him just like mine have.

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