Thursday 7 November 2019

Schleich Bayala Glittering Moon Unicorns & Pegasus Mare Toy Review

Ad - We were kindly sent these toys in exchange for an honest review.

Earlier in the year my girls and I had the pleasure of reviewing The Horse Club from Schleich but those guys over at Schleich are expanding their range even further and their latest releases include the Bayala Glittering Moon Unicorns and Pegasus Mare.


Magical beings: new, glittering moon unicorns

These mythical creatures are set to enchant children. Coated in an abundance of glitter and rhinestones - these toys will instantly capture a child's imagination. I mean I say a child but I was quite taken by them too (I may have claimed the little one as my own.)

We received three products:

* Moon Unicorn Stallion - £13.99
* Star Pegasus Mare - £13.99
* Moon Unicorn Foal - £7.49

Each horse comes in my favourite colour, which is purple but no horse is the same, each one a slightly different shade/tone.


I can only describe them as beautiful.

The proud moon unicorn stallion and the dazzling star Pegasus mare guard their cute shooting star foal with Argus eyes, who wakes up and cheekily discovers the world of Bayala.

You can see that every horse is made with care. A lot of detail from the metallic hooves to the sparkly mane, these toys are made to last.


The unanimous favourite was the Star Pegasus Mare, who looks like she is set to fly through the starry night sky (it's the stunning wings that do it) and my youngest two were both quite certain that the pegasus should belong to them and not their sister. I can see me having to buy another one in order to get some peace and quiet.

Truly sparkling playing fun in a never seen before colour!

These magic horses were played with all around the house, showcased by the picture below when I found them hanging around on my kitchen cupboards.


What I love about all Schleich toys is that they encourage children to both play and learn, to open up their minds to the possibility of other worlds.

As a trio, the Glittering Moon Unicorns and the Star Pegasus Mare make the perfect family unit and the possibilities of game play with them are utterly limitless.

Available at Smyths Toys, these would make ideal stocking fillers separately or a fabulous Christmas if they came all wrapped up together. Perfect for children but also a brilliant gift to anyone who believes in magic. 

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