Wednesday 18 December 2019

All-Action Classics Book Review

I count myself extremely lucky in the fact that all of my children like to read. Out of the four, my eldest definitely has the biggest passion for books but they've all found a genre that they can sink their teeth into.

Sometimes a normal novel isn't everyone's cup of tea. Something like the size of the book or the amount of words on the pages can really put someone off reading a certain story. This is why I always say to both my children and my pupils that it doesn't necessarily have to be a book that you read. Anything from signs, catalogues, subtitles, if there are words then you're reading!

In recent years graphic novels have become increasingly popular. 

The mix of words and images give a new lease of life to certain stories and make them more accessible to a wider audience.

Recently I was sent a couple of All-Action Classics books and it was my eldest daughter who was scrambling to read them first.


All action classics are full colour graphic adaptions of some of the world's greatest and most action packed stories.

The stories that have cleverly been adapted are Bam Stoker's Dracula and The Wizard of Oz.

Each book has been produced by Ben Caldwell - an Eisner award nominated artist and adapted by an amazing bunch of new generation writers, cartoonists and comic creators.

All of my children are keen artists so I can see just why this type of book would appeal to them, not only for the stories but for the drawings too.

Here is what my eldest has to say about them:

These two books are beautifully illustrated and lovely retellings of classic, well-known stories. They are very well suited for younger readers who are also fans of picture books as well as previous fans of these stories.

My personal favourite of the two books The Wizard of Oz and Dracula has to be the latter. I may be slightly biased since I have enjoyed the original Dracula just as much but this has made a sometimes dark story into a more light-hearted tale without losing the magic of the first telling.

The illustrations are also ever so well done, I enjoyed simply viewing those.


A wonderful detail about these books is that they are very accessible to less confident readers. They contain quite big, easy to read fonts worked into the classic comic book format.

Less motivated readers will certainly be interested in these tales.

It's fascinating how the books appeal to such a large audience.

To conclude, these books are absolutely, amazing adaptions of classic tales that I would highly recommend to all readers, especially those who need to find a book that they can truly be captured by.

Over all they are a decent break from such long, wordy books and definitely something that you'll want to re-visit.

I tend to agree with what my daughter has to say. 

The books are produced in a way that makes them fun and exciting, something a little different from the norm that can easily entice those less enthusiastic readers to pick up a book and stick with it.

I'm hoping to see more of these books produced.


  1. I shall have to look these up, as my eldest has now become a reluctant reader. wants to be on his phone most of the time instead, but he does still enjoy Marvel graphic novels, so would be good to tempt him with some others

  2. These sound like a good way to get a reluctant reader to read. I must say it's a genre I've never enjoyed, but I could imagine my younger son would have liked them a few years ago.

  3. I love graphic novels for a change every now and then - especially if I've just read something heavy and want a pallate cleanser!

    Arthur got a Legend of Kind Arthur one for Christmas and I really enjoyed that one.


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