Friday 6 December 2019

Elf for Christmas

ad we were kindly gifted an elf and accessories for this review however all thoughts and opinions are my own

Christmas is a truly wonderful time of year. Filled with festive cheer, it is a time when many traditions are upheld. From writing letters to Santa to visiting the man himself, every family has their own ways of enjoying this jolly season.

One of the most modern traditions has something to do with elves, you may have seen a few of them floating around on social media.

A couple of years ago I had the pleasure of welcoming a new member to our elf family, the Elf for Christmas. This sort of present isn't primarily just for Christmas, it is in actual fact an Elf for December, especially if you partake in the tradition that is Elf on the Shelf (something that I'm now into my seventh year of joining in with.).


Now when I was sent my previous Elf for Christmas my children were informed that he was a new Nanny for our baby elf that had also arrived that year. Two years down the line and Nanny is still around - looking after our littlest elf as well as being a tad mischievous.

"Our award-winning Elf stays with you throughout December.

Sent from the North Pole, Elf reports on good behaviour to let Santa know if children are on the Naughty or Nice List.

Using Elf report cards, personalised reward charts, stickers & Nice List certificates, parents, teachers (or whoever is in charge!) have everything needed to promote good behaviour whilst bringing the fun & magic of Christmas to life.

But beware! At night while everyone is asleep, Elf gets up to all kinds of funny mischief."

Just check out some of what he's been up to during our countdown to xmas this year...



Elf for Christmas has expanded over the years. Now offering girl and boy elves, even different coloured skins making them extremely inclusive. You can either buy an elf by itself or with a reward kit that can be used throughout the festive season to add some extra magical fun to this already magical time of year.

The kit includes:

* An arrival letter from Santa explaining Elf’s role in your home

* A reward chart

* Stickers

* Mini Report Cards & Certificates

* Beware of the Elf signs for your door

* Thank You postcard

* Letter to Santa Claus template

* A goodbye letter for when it’s time for Elf to go back to the North Pole

A real favourite addition of mine to the range is the beautiful elf door, it lights up and comes complete with a sticky back to it so you can place it on a wall somewhere. It will need a smooth surface in order for it to stay stuck though. 


My youngest daughter was beyond thrilled. She's decided that it is in fact the door to the elves workshop in the North Pole and is hoping that the elves will somehow shrink her to let her through to the other side.

I loved Elf for Christmas when I was first introduced to it and I can honestly say I love this range even more now.

Adding an extra bit of cheer in what can be a bit of a stressful month for some, I think it's high time that others adopt an Elf of their own.

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