Wednesday 11 December 2019

Turn and Learn Books from Little Tiger

Something that Little Tiger books are very good for is interaction. Regardless of what the subject matter is, they are designed in a way that encourages little ones to really get involved with a book/story. This is definitely the case in their latest releases which come in the shape of these Turn and Learn books.

Our world is a spectacular place, full of curiosity and wonder. Why not take a closer look...

There are two books so far in this clever little series, they are called Our World and Weather.


Each hardback edition comes complete with slide and reveal wheels, a tool that even my nine year old felt the need to play with.

So what else is included?

Our World

This book looks at five different habitats - desert, rainforest, polar, savannah and sea.


This book looks at five different weather systems - rain, thunder and lightning, sunshine, wind and snow.

Let little ones explore subjects in a fun and engaging way.

Both books are filled with a variety of facts and answers, all bought together with some beautiful imagery.

The sliding wheel adds even more detail and really gets kids engaging with what is presented on the pages as they become more and more curious and excited to discover what is being hidden on the other side of that wheel.

Slide and reveal wheels throughout!

These books are a great introduction to some popular subjects.


Although aimed at children aged between the ages of six and eight, there are plenty of facts that even I as an adult didn't know about so they are ideal books for reading together as a family.

With interaction beginning on the front cover and carrying on right through to the very last page, children will be having plenty of fun from start to finish. Perfect for any child that has a real thirst for knowledge of any kind.

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