Friday 21 February 2020

Five Ways to Make a Friend - Book Review

My days are always made better when I get book post from Barrington Stoke.

This is a publishing company that never fails to impress me with their choice of authors, illustrators and publishing style.

Each and every story is made with reading in mind. 

Now that might sound like a silly sentence because what else is a book for but for reading however not all books can be accessed by everyone for a variety of reasons but these stories appeal to the masses and can be enjoyed by all members of the family.

My latest read from them is Five Ways to Make a Friend. Written by Gillian Cross and illustrated by Sarah Horne.


If you hadn't guessed by the title, you'll already know that this book is about friendship but this tale is about so much more than that.

Do you find it hard to make new friends?

Ella does. It's her first day at her new school and she wants to find a friend. But it's really hard. No one is interested in her.

What can Ella do?

She finds some tips in a book about making friends and decides to try them out. But things don't go quite as she planned...

Ever felt anxious?

I know I have.

It is a feeling that can be totally overwhelming at times, so imagine how hard it is for children who also alongside those feelings, find it harder to express those feelings, to make those around them understand the emotions that are bubbling away beneath.

Ella, who is the protagonist, is just an ordinary girl navigating her way through her first days at a new school.

We've all been that new person before, whether at school, at work etc. It's hard isn't it.

How do you find your place?

A touching tale of friendship, understanding and finding the confidence to be yourself.

This is a humorous story which showcases ways in which to deal with such a situation.

Helpful but not forceful, Five Ways to Make a Friend is a beautifully-bold, short tale that has a real feel good factor about it.

Bursting with positivity, it's a joy to see Ella learn and grow as she tries to find that common ground that we all long to discover.

Friendship at its very best!


  1. I'm a big fan of Barrington Stoke's books too and I love the sound of this story. Navigating friendships, especially when you're starting a new school can be really hard and this sounds like a book that will reassure readers in the same situation.


  2. This looks a great book. Will look out for it for the grandchildren.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Yes Barrington Stoke are great, especially for reluctant readers. This book sounds lovely

  4. This does sound lovely. It must be so hard for kids when they start a new school. I think my niece would enjoy it.


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