Wednesday 19 February 2020

The Memory Wood Book Review

I adore Netgalley - if you are a book worm like me and you haven't signed up to this site yet then I highly recommend that you do.

My list of books to read on there was getting quite long by the end of last year. It was hard to stop the urge to request new books when I still had others to read. One of those stories was The Memory Wood by Sam Lloyd.


It was a novel that I had seen being talked about over social media and after reading the blurb I felt a strong need to read it and find out more about the memory wood and just what memories it actually held within its clutches.

Elijah has lived in the Memory Wood for as long as he can remember. It’s the only home he’s ever known.

Elissa has only just arrived. And she’ll do everything she can to escape.

When Elijah stumbles across thirteen-year-old Elissa, in the woods where her abductor is hiding her, he refuses to alert the police. Because in his twelve years, Elijah has never had a proper friend. And he doesn’t want Elissa to leave.

Not only that, Elijah knows how this can end. After all, Elissa isn’t the first girl he’s found inside the Memory Wood.

As her abductor’s behaviour grows more erratic, Elissa realises that outwitting strange, lonely Elijah is her only hope of survival. Their cat-and-mouse game of deception and betrayal will determine both their fates, and whether either of them will ever leave the Memory Wood . . .

This tale is undeniably unique!

It primarily revolves around two characters; twelve year old Elijah who has lived in Memory Wood for what we can work out to be a very long time and thirteen year old clever, chess champion Elissa. However the story also gives focus to the police officer, who has been put in charge of the missing person investigation, Mairead.

As I delved deeper into the woods and the events of both the past and present that have shaped these characters, I found it hard to know who to feel more sorry for, can you really feel sympathy for somebody that does horrific things to people?

The three perspectives alternate seamlessly, not breaking the flow of the story, if anything, each turn of the page intensified, the circumstances and the emotions that were steadily building with every twist and turn.

The must-read novel of 2020. Chilling, moving and unputdownable, The Memory Wood is a thriller like no other.

Elissa fast became my favourite character. Keeping her wits about her, she was able to tune in to everything around her, focus on the details that most of us would probably miss.

The atmosphere throughout every chapter, well you cut through it with a knife.

Some of the crimes described within the novel are horrifying but believable, this really added to the shock factor.

When I begun the book I was sucked into what appeared to be a web of lies and deceit. I didn't realise just how large that web was going to become and just who would be trapped within its clutches.

By the end I was left with my mouth wide open.

I can definitely see this book being made for the big screen.

After reading The Memory Wood I felt like I had what I can only describe as one hell of a book hangover.

Such a cleverly written novel, with details gradually dripped out. Keeping you turning the pages to find out where each crumb of evidence might lead (hint, it won't be where you're expecting.).

The twist.

Only revealed about two thirds of the way in, completely unexpected, providing yet another element to an already deliciously mysterious novel.

There was only one part throughout that didn't make sense to me, well maybe not make sense, more that I couldn't work out how it fit in with the rest of the story. I felt it was an unnecessary addition. I won't say what it was as I don't want to tarnish anyone else's opinions.

The Memory Wood is haunting and in some places terrifying.

A real 'edge of your seat' book.

I can see why it is being billed as the must-read of 2020, I certainly recommend you read it ASAP.


  1. Wow! This sounds like a real page turner - I'll definitely look out for this one!


  2. This sounds really good! I look forward to checking it out myself.

  3. Wow this sounds really good and quite unique. Love the concept


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