Wednesday 5 February 2020

The Magical Underwater Activity Book

There has been a trend for unicorns and mermaids transpiring for a couple of years now and I don't see it disappearing any time soon. My children at least (and myself) still love anything that has that sort of theme. The Magical Underwater Activity book embodies that theme. 


Discover the magical & playful merpeople of a secret & mystical underwater kingdom!

This is the second activity book which has been created by Mia Underwood. I was lucky enough to review the first last year.

Following the same format as previously seen, there is a successful mixture of both real-life and fictional characters. Combined with a vast range of activities, this is a book that will have children using their imaginations.

What I like is that even though it isn't a story book as such, it does still appear to tell a tale as you turn the pages.

Dive in and enter this magical underwater world where mermaids swim alongside narwhals, microscopic water bears are tougher than massive whales and sea monsters like to stop for a chat.

And what's quite clever is that there are lessons about the environment strategically weaved throughout the pages so little ones are learning important things whilst getting creative and simply having fun.

The artwork and illustrations are beautiful, bold and bright.

It's hard not to look at them!

Activities include:

* Colouring in.
* Paper crafts.
* Spot the difference.
* Story writing.
* Word searches.
* Number games.
* Dot to dot.
* Scenes to create with stickers.


Oh yes, did I mention that there are 150 stickers included with the book, tell me someone who doesn't like stickers.

Can you become an ocean superhero by completing the activities in this book?

The Magical Underwater Activity book is a decent size, meaning that more than one child can work on it at a time - introducing a bit of teamwork!

My youngest said that her favourite part was where it demonstrated how to draw a mermaid.


Jam packed with visual delights, this activity book would be ideal for rainy day play at home.

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