Wednesday 4 March 2020

Little Tiger Board Book Round Up

I've always been a fan of board books.

Sturdy, solid stories for little ones. Made to withstand all the dribble, all the throwing and all of the bending. 

They have to endure a lot!

Some of the best board books come from Little Tiger. Informative and imaginative, they are made with your young children in mind.

In this post I have a round up of some of the current mini series of books that they have to offer you:

When I Grow Up I Want To Be ...

These are fun-filled flap books which look at a variety of different careers that your child might take a fancy to.


One book focuses on the person and what they do.

Whilst the other looks more at the vehicles used for the chosen occupations. 

Both filled with colourful pictures and plenty of facts, they are insightful and actually perfect for children from a few months old right up until through the first years of their lives.

Lets Find The ...

Felt-flap, fun books.


I'm a sucker for a touchy-feely book.

As you turn the pages, lift the different shaped felt flaps to reveal hidden surprises.

Vivid and vibrant, this set of books is definitely eye-catching, your little ones will be instantly drawn in.

And with the added peek through holes on every other page, there are plenty of interactive elements to keep them entertained for a long time.

Touch and Trace...

Part of their Baby 101 series, these books give little ones a real focus.


As they turn the pages they get the chance to follow the various patterns, brilliant for those fine motor skills.

Alongside the activities are lovely repetitive rhyming words which add a bit of depth to what they are being tasked with.

Lift the flap at the end to reveal an extra special surprise!

Three beautiful sets of board books, guaranteed to entertain your little ones. All so simple but extremely effective. These are books that can be read over and over again, each time still managing to remain fun and entertaining.

Happy reading.

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