Wednesday 20 May 2020

Here Lies the Secrets Book Review

I share a lot of Little Tiger books on my blog, all of which so far have been for younger children. This book review is therefore a little different because it is for one of their YA novels (yes they do publish young adult books too) from author Emma Young.

Her latest novel Here Lies the Secrets is a mix between a coming of age book with added ghostly goings on ...


It's been five years since her best friend died but Mia is still haunted by Holly's presence.

In New York for the summer, Mia meets psychology student Rav and is at once intrigued and unsettled by his study of paranormal phenomena. Hoping it might help her work through her own experiences. Mia joins Rav's research trip to Halcyon House. But as the investigation unfolds, Mia is forced to confront the memories of Holly that she's tried so hard to bury ...

My lovely eldest daughter actually took this book off my hands before I had a chance to read it so today I'm handing the review reigns over to her:

Here Lies the Secrets is a wonderful book that follows the story of a girl investigating the existence of ghosts. Working with Rav and his colleagues, she goes on to battle her own past and the memory of a passed childhood friend.

One of my favourite things about this book is the fact that it actually lays out a debate for the reader. The topic of whether ghosts are real is hotly discussed in today's modern world and this book puts out both sides of the argument to leave the reader thinking.

I personally have never come across the explanation of electromagnetic pulses and infrasound so I definitely learned something from this story.

Though I absolutely love a lot of the characters featured in Here Lies the Secrets, my favourite has to be Tamara. Although she isn't really a part of the main storyline, she sticks around for Mia and tries to help her remain positive and open the whole time. Tamara is a good best friend character that isn't your usual throwaway line that is never written again. It is a testament to the amazing writing of the characters as I managed to love even someone more in the background.

The last thing I'll mention that really sold this story to me is the ending.

Mia clearly struggles with regret and doubt regarding the death of her former best friend Holly years prior. Despite her not being enthusiastic about voicing her struggle, it's clear this regret has followed her since Holly's passing. I can appreciate that this also isn't made overdramatic while still getting the point across . 

By the end, Mia finally tries to let go and forgive herself. This closure is a satisfying way to end Mia's journey and ties everything up beautifully.

In conclusion, paranormal sceptics and realists, this is the book for you along with all spiritual enthusiasts like myself. 

I feel a good range of ages would enjoy this book as much as I did and those who want to read something that doesn't focus on romance will definitely find this a good evening read.

In my final verdict this is a beautifully written story that keeps you turning the pages till the end, you won't want to put it down.

I'm now taking the time myself to read the book and so far I'd agree with what my daughter has said. 

Check out Little Tiger for this book and more YA novels in their range.


  1. This sounds like a really great read and a story that also introduces new concepts. I love the title and the cover, they'd definitely encourage me to pick it up in a book shop :o)


  2. Great review from your daughter, although I'm in two minds as to whether this is a read for me or not

  3. It's great to read a review from your daughter. She clearly really enjoyed it. I'm trying to decide whether my own daughter would enjoy it. If I'm honest, I suspect she wouldn't as she doesn't like ghosts or too much sadness in her reading!


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