Thursday 16 July 2020

Blood Moon by Lucy Cuthew Book Review


Lets say that word again, periods.

Such a taboo subject even in this day and age. Why is that? 

I remember when I was younger, it was a seemingly tricky conversation to navigate round with my mum. Something I didn't want to repeat with my own children.

Having four girls it was inevitable that we'd have to discuss what they are, why they happen etc. I've always been open and honest about it. From a young age the girls knew that mummy got blood quite regularly. They've seen me changing and are fully aware of what to expect even when they are not expecting it!

Lucy Cuthew has managed to create a rather stunning debut that does a brilliant job breaking down that unneeded taboo around periods.


Because let us be open, it is only blood!

BLOOD MOON is a YA novel about the viral shaming of a teenage girl. During her seminal sexual experience with the quiet and lovely Benjamin, physics-lover and astronomy fan Frankie gets her period – but the next day a gruesome meme goes viral, turning an innocent, intimate afternoon into something sordid, mortifying and damaging.

This book is unique.

Not just because of its subject matter but also for how it is presented.

Written in verse, the wording is short, snappy and speedy.

Poetry for the younger generation.

Extremely eye catching, it is put on the page in a way that can appeal to even the most reluctant of readers. 

The premise

Frankie is a young, budding astronomer and like any teenager she is trying to navigate her way through the obstacles of growing up. 

A relationship with (seemingly quiet) Benjamin soon progresses to more intimate moments and unfortunately for our protagonist, she ends up getting her period at this moment. Could have been awkward however Benjamin, who is a lovely boy, tells her it doesn't matter.

And it really doesn't.

Until rumours start circulating and their private time together turns into a viral sensation around their school.


That's how Frankie feels.



Possibly the worst moment in her life, how can she get past the embarrassment?

Young girls need to read this book!

Blood Moon is definitely a book for now.

It is empowering and a much needed starting point for some more frank and to the point conversations about periods.

A great start at taking away the stigma that surrounds this bloody subject.

I've never understood why it was such a hush hush topic in the first place. Periods are natural, there shouldn't be any shame about them.

What Lucy Cuthew has done is pave the way for more open discussion. Less whispering and more 'normal' talk surrounding the idea of bleeding. Lets be honest most women/girls have get periods and they should be free to talk about them however, wherever and whenever they choose to.

This is a book that I will be sharing with my daughters.

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