Wednesday 15 July 2020

Rewind by Carolyn O'Doherty Book Review

I get quite a lot of books to review.

Now this isn't something I'm complaining about, oh no if anything send me more. 

However I have to apologise because the one problem I do have is that I can't always read them quick enough to get all reviews written up and live when the book is being released.

And Rewind was one of those books.


Actually in this instance it was my eldest daughter who didn't read the book in a timely fashion (maybe because she tends to read more than one book at any given time).

But better late than never right ....

Sixteen year old Alex Manning has a rare gift: she's a spinner who can freeze and even rewind time. Hated and feared, spinners are housed in Centers, where they are carefully monitored and madicated. They are let outside for only one purpose: to use their gift to help solve crimes. When Alex is secretly offered an experimental treatment to prolong her life, she suddenly sees a future for herself - no spinner has lived past twenty. But the drug also brings with it an ability that would terrify the world and put other spinners in danger. Do the benefits outweigh the risk?

Over the my daughter to share her thoughts on the book with you all:

Rewind is a great book about a society where people can pull the strings of time.

The main character Alex uses her ability to help solve crimes while discovering secrets about the system that she's found herself trapped in.

My favourite aspect about this story is what it says about people as a whole. When we are presented with things we don't understand, like rewinding time, we fear it and push it away. We seek to have control over as much as we can since in reality we can control so little, which is exactly what happens to the 'spinners' of this universe.

Not only is this included but it is done so well that it makes it an extremely interesting subject to think about.

Another thing that I liked about this book is the description of the spinner's abilities. As much as I usually talk about characters, concepts and settings, the way time control abilities are described is mesmerising to read. It is executed in a way that I picture and it isn't overly complicated as time travel is often made.

The analogy of strings was also a very different to the usual description and I found it very refreshing.

Finally, I really enjoyed the main character Alex. Her determination and resilience throughout the events of the book is certainly admirable but she is at the same time very caring about her friends and her partner Ross. She's a very relatable character (besides the aspect of time control) and I guarantee any reader will be rooting for her from the first few pages.

In conclusion this is a great story that has a lot of ideas and things to say about society.

If you like crime, or just tales about rebelling against the system, this is for you! Rewind will have you turning the pages until the very last one and it is definitely a book that you will want to read again.

There you have it.

A highly recommended book (for teens and adults in my opinion) that you would be silly not to read.

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