Wednesday 12 August 2020

The Midnight Guardians by Ross Montgomery Book Review

I am a firm believer that books are for everyone and all books can be read by anyone, no matter their age.

Just because a novel is perhaps marketed towards children doesn't mean that adults like myself can't enjoy it too. We all like to get lost in a different world a times and escape from reality that at times isn't all that nice.

And that is exactly what I did with Ross Montgomery's latest story The Midnight Guardians, I stepped away from real life for a time and instead got lost in pages filled with magic, mystery and adventure.


When Col’s childhood imaginary friends come to life, he discovers a world where myths and legends are real. Accompanied by his guardians – a six-foot tiger, a badger in a waistcoat and a miniature knight – Col must race to Blitz-bombed London to save his sister.

But there are darker forces at work, even than the Nazi bombings. Soon Col is pursued by the terrifying Midwinter King, who is determined to bring an eternal darkness down over everything.

This book is your classic good versus evil told with humour and courage.

Col is a child that has been sent away because of the war, feeling alone he starts to hear voices calling him, voices that he used to hear frequently when he was a little boy. Those voices belong to his guardians, a chosen trio who his dad (who sadly died) said would always protect him.

The Midnight Guardians.

We are introduced to King of Rogues, a gallant knight, Mr Noakes, a scruffy looking badger who wears a waistcoat and a tiger - that can change size - called Pendlebury.

Col at a young age imagined these helpful lot but that's exactly what he thought they were, imaginary. That is until they are all there, stood in front of him talking, telling him that he is in danger and that darkness is taking over.

Set against a backdrop of WW2, we go on a journey along with Col, his guardians and eventually a rather strong willed girl called Ruth to not only save Col's sister Rose but to help The Green Man defeat the Midwinter King.

This book beautifully portrays the need for friendship and family.

With almost poetic descriptive passages an a captivating array of characters we are taken on quite the adventure and are left with the all important question, can light triumph over dark? 

This book makes me think of Narnia and 4 children and it, it's a great mix of real life (the blitz) and fantasy.

This is a story that I can visualise up on the big screen!

Animal sidekicks aside, The Midnight Guardians is a book that holds so much within it. Hope, humour and a heartfelt story.

It really tugs at the heart strings.

A wonderfully magical tale, which allowed me to escape reality for a time and instead get lost among the pages of a truly creative adventure.

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